Do Romanian girls eagerly marry foreigners?

It is not a secret marriage migration is gaining within a day more and more. If 10 years ago only some of Romanian women were moving abroad for permanent leaving due to the fact they have married foreigner and all the magazines and newspapers were full of unique stories of their success and some even had notes of condemnation, today you are not going to interest people with this topic a lot as marriage between Romanian woman and, let’s say the UK guy, became as trivial as going to the grocery store.

Of course, such marriages became easier to conduct since Romania became a member of EU and borders just disappeared at one moment. Later on the other wave of migration caused open to Romanians European labor market. All the above factors caused labor migration and marriage migration if there is such an expression. Women and girls from all over Romania went to the West in search of good salaries and well paying jobs, but we are all human beings and it is impossible just work and go home during the whole year or more without contact with other people, especially people of the country where you live in. Life consists of communication and we have to take this fact into consideration. Smart guy from The United Kingdom quickly figured out sexy, pretty and intelligent at the same time Romanian women. After some period of dating, communication and presenting flowers many international couples moved to the next, more serious level. If it was kind of the rule for average Romanian girl to find foreigner for a husband we have nothing more here to add. As a part of a great business scheme, different marriage agencies started to appear in Romania as mushrooms after the rain. Besides, every foreigner was ready to come to Romania in search of appropriate candidate for wife as on the one hand the country is in EU so is partially safe to visit and on the other hand it is very cheap to live in Romanian for guy from West; moreover, those lazy guys who would not visit Moldova for some reasons may find pretty female representatives of this country in their home country as they massively go to work outside Romania and the list of countries they are going to consists mostly of reach Western Economies like The UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland or Norway.

One reason why Romanian women marry foreigners we have already found as this is labor migration and as the conclusion – communication and acquaintance with foreigners that leads to dating and more serious relations that are finished with marriage. The other reason why Romanian women move abroad for permanent living and use marriage as remedy for that is they simply would like to live in better developed country and this is vivid; nowadays many women move from East to West as they hope there they would live in paradise and creation of this personal paradise is possible via marriage as one of very efficient methods among others. Even if for average westerner his country does not seem to be a paradise, it would seem so for Romanian girl whose childhood was spent in terrible poverty and horrible accommodations; of course, it is not always like that, there are girls from normal Romanian families who move to live abroad and I would say today this is kind of a new popular trend in Romania; and to say the truth, life in happy and rich West is not a paradise at all, as there you have to work as well to gain money and the husband would not like Romanian girl as a wife who would just sit at home keeping the household. Romanian women as well do not like to be dependent but the problem is in particular understanding of the situation whether foreigner is taking a pretty doll for a wife or he wants full bright family life with all variety of shades and colors.

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Where to conduct a marriage with Romanian woman? Where it is better for you as there is no difference as the rules are similar in all European Union countries. If to take into consideration material aspect of the problem (sorry, wedding) than maybe it would be more expedient to celebrate wedding in Romania as this is not only cheaper variant for newly created family budget, but also a great time to see Romanian wedding traditions and to get closer to Romanian culture and to conclude tight relations with the family. Is it worth your trying and efforts to marry Romanian woman or it is better to choose future wife in some other country of Eastern Europe? If you ever asked yourself such a question I must say you have chosen wrong approach. Your main question has to be “What kind of wife should I choose? Which type of women I like?” Understand? That is what I really meant and described it in just a few words. You have also ask yourself a question like are you ready to marry someone already or there is some time to wait a little more. There are some guys that are very sorry for early marriage, so think about this in order not to make some vital mistakes. If you are choosing a woman, you don’t have to think what nationality she is and then decide whether to take her for a wife or not. If you feel sympathy to some other woman and this feeling is mutual, please, make this feeling to be stronger day by day. If this feeling is pleasant and nice to both of you some right day it would lead you to the marriage. If you still are obsessed with Romanian woman for marriage, because the friend of yours has married to Romanian girl and lost himself in the ocean of happiness, or for some other reason, you have to visit Romania and right over there just in between the great variety of Romanian beauties choose yourself some perfect candidate for a wife. I hope you are experienced man and would not give some street easy girl to full you. Don’t even consider going to Romania if you are 18 and want to have some fun. Yeah, but here we are talking about marriage with Romanian girl and I don’t really think young guy from Great Britain 18 years old would look for a wife in Romania. He would rather visit this country for some other personal reasons. Let us back a little, to some of my previous thoughts; well, if you are in Romania in search for a woman of your life, you have to spend at least 3 months in this country and only then make your previous choice. You have to explore this country and women of this country with your own. Who knows, maybe all written here is not true? Maybe you will have completely different situation that is described here, our tips would not help you and Romanian women are not that pretty and are not as good candidates for a wife as you think? You have to check it by yourself!

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