How Do I Attract Ukrainian Woman

It is good to know that you have no chances with Ukrainian woman who does not have aim to get acquainted. What do I mean? Follow the next paragraph.

For some reason most of foreign men who visit Ukraine in search of girlfriend, wife, forever-love, assume that all the women in Ukraine they meet would be eager to do at least one of these things: go for a date, to sleep with him, to marry him. When foreign guy comes to Ukraine he experiences the first shock: he has never ever seen such quantity of extremely pretty women on square mile, even on square meter; it is as if he was one of the jury on the Beauty Contest, but here this is reality and here in Ukraine this is happening to him in real time. After getting recovered from the first shock such guy starts realizing these all women are Ukrainian and because of that he rocks, because he’s heard that women in Ukraine are very welcoming and most of them are just dreaming of leaving their country for abroad. But here such foreigner reads the phrase “most of them” as “all of them”. And this is the problem, because it is not even true that most of Ukrainian women are looking for foreign fiancee, but at best “many” or I would say “some”.

If as foreigner you are thinking about one night stand with average Ukrainian girl it is not a good idea. Why? Because most of descent Ukrainian girls are against such type of affairs and prefer closer relations only if they are dating for a long time and if dating is promising and in the soon future is going to be converted into marriage. The next option which is probably awaiting for you in such “search” are girls so called “money hunters” – they dress up very “promising”, flirt and smile, but their only aim is to drink and have fun at your expense and at the end of the evening she’s going to disappear or will just say good bye. The third option might be if you find some easy going girl in the club, but you should be aware as if she leaves such “lifestyle” she might hide some diseases and even she might not be aware of having them.

What happens next with foreigner when some average Ukrainian woman gave his a smile? He starts automatically thinking that all he has heard about Ukrainian women is truth and he is able to conquer every woman’s heart he would like to. So often foreigners become annoying and start to accept Ukrainian women as potential targets in their game. They do not take into account that, yes, vast majority of Ukrainian women are not in active search of husband or boyfriend because they already have one. So meta message here sounds like this: “You should try dating only appropriate Ukrainian girls who wish dating themselves”.

To attract Ukrainian woman you have to possess appropriate qualities:

1. Be interesting. You got to know how to start conversation, how to make girl smiling. If the girl feels she’s having fun being with you this means she is ready for spending more time with you and she’s open for future relations and further – relationship. So, take this advice and be interesting, but, please, understand this right and don’t be artificial. If making jokes and having fun is not what you are good in, but vice verse, if you are terrible in making having fun and you are the type of serious conservative man, OK, behave in your natural way the way you are, because being yourself is the next important step we are going to talk about.

2. Be yourself. Becoming attractive target for Ukrainian woman you have to cause sincere warm feelings in Ukrainian woman’s heart and due to the fact women of this country are very sensitive and have extremely developed intuition, this means they know well where is true guy and where is false and mistake. Boasting you will never get attention of Ukrainian woman because she would’n believe you. And if you demonstrate your wealth with attributes like flagman smartphone and will throwing money on the wind she would think you are arrogant, maybe greedy and that it is impossible to build real relationship with you, not even talking about family. So yes, behave this way only if you really are like that. If you are not – behave the way you are, if particular girl would not like you the way you are it means she is not the one you are actually looking for. That’s it. Remembered the hint? Be yourself.

3. Be attentive. But Not too much. Don’t annoy woman with questions, but always ask her how was her day. And remember: if she will tell you about some problems, SHE DOES NOT NEED YOUR ADVICE UNLESS SHE ASKS HERSELF! She just wants you to listen to her and say everything is going to be alright. That’s it. As often we, like men, start to use our man’s logic and it tells us to look for the solution, for the way out from the situation. When woman tells us this situation we propose her decision we think is the best in this case. But woman who was looking for compassion and support has found your “cold decision” and it is completely not what she was looking for and she is deeply disappointed in not finding support from the side of beloved man. And she will think “And this is the man I trusted!” And the man is furious because he does not understand what has happened, he proposed a good solution, a good way out and she hates him. So, remember, when woman complains she needs your lovely words and support, but not ready solution. In case with Ukrainian women this is more then truth. Don’t forget this when you are going to have serious relationship with girl from this Eastern European country.

4. Be confident. Ukrainian women feel the confidence in man. Confidence means a lot. Confidence radar is inherited by Ukrainian women and is passed from generation from generation. Confidence means protection. Protection for her, for the family. Confident man often means man who knows what he wants in this life, who goes to the goal and who is materially independent, so able to provide family with all needed. Provide and protect. So much confidence mean. If we take 3 guys – rich guy, fun guy and confident (but not over confident) guy, most chances Ukrainian girl would go for the last one, even if she would know he is pretty poor. Why? Because he is promising. His confident character means he may fall down and wake up every time again and again. If he has no money he is able to make them unlike non-confident guy who is rich at the time, but he is able to lose his account quickly and without any chance to recover some day again.

Confident guy also means he’s not going to be mommy boy. He is looking for a partner, but not for a woman who will prepare food and wash his clothes like his mom. Ukrainian women are possessive, they like when man rules. I don’t mean when he dominates in everything and says his decision is always right. It should be dialogue, lifelong dialogue, but at the moment of danger or at some hard question to decide Ukrainian woman would always trust and give initiative to her man.

5. Buy her attention. Not with money only, but presents matter. Very much. Huge bouquet of flowers, chocolate, jewelry, sweets, some interesting book, new gadgets – this all works greatly, but don’t do it way too often otherwise she would get used to your presents and some would even slightly (some not slightly) demand for present or asking you gently why aren’t you making her new presents. Tickets to cinema, opera, theater, flight tickets to the trip to popular European or Asian destinations would also work great. You just have to keep the balance and make such sweet presents not all at once, but “by portions”.

6. Be good as man. This is the most important one, but it is already when you get more closer to each other. Be good in bed, try to satisfy your partner and think about her, not only about yourself. Even if you don’t have any other qualities, but are good in this tip #6, most of women would be with you just for this. Some might leave you as lover and find themselves family guy, but would come back to you from time to time. The last line is not guaranteed, because it depends on moral principles of particular woman, but you should definitely take it into consideration.

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