Are marriages of foreigners with Japanese women strong?

As a rule – yes. But there are exceptions to every rule. It is very difficult to answer this question unequivocally.

It could have sense quoting statistics here. It says that most mixed marriages are strong and long-lasting, not least because of Japanese women who have a specific attitude to the family, where the family is preferred to personal interests.

However, just statistics itself will never give a complete picture. It is better to look at what can unite a Japanese woman and a foreign man. It is these foundations that can help to build a lifelong relationship.

Marriage is strong only when both (man and woman) make a conscious contribution to its development. It all depends on both. It is necessary to take into account the difference in culture and mentality of husband and wife. After all, what at the very beginning of the relationship is attractive, “exotic” and interesting, in the future can become an unbearable routine of a home life.

Much prior before marriage potential husband must accept the cultural differences of future wife and her views on life. The same applies to future wife. Although, as a rule, Japanese women are well aware of cultural differences when choosing a foreign man for a partner.

Also, Japanese women often even forget about some of their personal goals for the sake of preserving the family. However, one should not assume that a man manages everything in a mixed Japanese-foreign family. The most important are mutual understanding, opportunity to listen to each other and accept the opinion of your spouse – this applies to both parties.

As a rule, marriages of Japanese women with foreigners are strong, because such marriage is not a spontaneous decision. Especially in the case of a Japanese woman.

Generally, before getting married, a couple has a long process of getting to know each other in different aspects of life. During a long dating period, the relationship either breaks down or strengthens. And if the second option comes into force, then the woman and the man already know each other well enough. He accepted her cultural differences and character traits, she taught him the peculiarities of his culture in a global aspect.

In personal relationship, concessions of both are possible in order to maintain harmony in the relationship. Precisely because in Japan a very long period of time passes from dating till marriage (and it does not matter whether a potential man is Japanese or a foreigner), mixed marriages in Japan are usually strong and long lasting – lifetime long.

If somewhat to rephrase the question from Are marriages of foreigners and Japanese women strong? into Are Japanese women good partners for marriage? then the answer will be unequivocal – yes. Most Japanese women are ideal candidates for future wives.

Modern Western men are in vital search of women who share traditional family values. And if a man is “grown up” to get married and sincerely wants to take a step into a serious life, then a Japanese woman will be one of the best options for a future wife.

Do not think that everything in a marriage is based only on the component of love through relationship.

The material aspect is especially important, namely – the provision of the family. Japanese women choose a partner not only because of ‘his deep blue eyes’ and height, but also because of his ability to make money. It is impossible to live in Japan if you earn little to nothing or do not work at all.

Japanese women work hard (a lot) and expect the same from their husbands. In addition, if the couple decides to have children and the wife remains unemployed for some time, the financial support of the family lies on the husband’s shoulders and becomes even more important.

There is one more financial feature. In Japan women believe that a husband must earn more than a wife just because he is a man.

These echoes with traditional Japanese culture and despite the fact that the Japanese perfectly demonstrate the adaptation of traditions to modern life, the rule that a husband should earn more than his wife remains valid and very important even today.

So, if the family has harmony in the relationship, supported by a strong financial component, then such a family has every chance to exist long and happily ever after.

These are the key factors for successful family in Japan. There are, of course, other, derived from basic and independent factors. We can describe each of them in details and for a very long time just because they are individual for each family – but we wo’nt do it.

Even the very concept of mixed marriage with a Japanese woman is quite broad, because a husband can be from America, Eastern Europe or Scandinavia – and it will add its own peculiar features to family relationships.

It is worth remembering that whether a marriage is going to be strong or not depends on its participants. If you are looking for this information because you are dating a Japanese woman and you want to make her a proposal, you need to understand that this step depends on you only. Neither article nor advice aren’t going to help you. 

Most Japanese women become very good wives, so whether the family is strong will depend largely on you (in case of marriage). And the Japanese wife will always support you as a husband (in case of marriage).

It is important to understand that marriage is extremely important for a Japanese woman, usually much more so than for the average Western man. Therefore, she will try to make the marriage happy and strong, but her husband must help her in this.

What documents are needed to get married in Japan?

1). Passport

You must have international passport. To make marriage in Japan possible for a foreigner, passport should be translated into Japanese.

2). Original birth certificate

To get married in Japan better get your birth certificate with you. You may not need it, but sometimes they can request it.

3). Marriage registration form

This registration form should be signed by two witnesses who are over 20 years-old. Witnesses can be either present during official ceremony or they can sign registration form beforehand.

4). Certificate of no impediment

It is important to have it if you are a foreigner. You can obtain it in the embassy of your country in Tokyo, for example. This document proves that you are not in marriage in your home country. As in the case with passport, it should be translated into Japanese language.

5). Parents’ permission

If bride is under 20-years-old, she must have a signed permission from one of her parent’s. Parents should approve the wedding. Or in the other case you won’t be allowed to get married until your Japanese bride gets 20.

7). A personal seal

It is an official stam or signature that is definitely required.

As you see, the marriage procedure in Japan does not seem to be difficult process. True love has no boundaries, right?

What chances has foreigner to marry a Japanese woman?

Advantages of a foreign man

He does not know any Japanese rules and regulations, but acts as he would in his own country. This is what attracts many Japanese women. He won’t wait a year to have coffee with a woman he likes (like in case with many Japanese guys). He won’t wait another 3 years to kiss the Japanese woman he likes.

The foreigner immediately takes the initiative and invites Japanese woman he liked to go somewhere together. Such attitude is impossible in case with Japanese man. This courageous behavior of foreigners captivates Japanese women.

During the date such a man impresses her even more with his openness. He is able to leave an unforgettable mark in the heart of a Japanese woman. That is what will be the key to a strong relationship and possible future wedding.

Care and tenderness

Japanese men work very hard and spend a lot of time at work. They have no habit of expressing tenderness for their wife. Therefore, the average Japanese woman often lacks man’s attention. This is the case even with married women. What to say about single Japanese women?

Common time should be interesting. Women with experience have a greater appreciation for ordinary communication on various topics. Take this into consideration when going on a date with such 35+ Japanese woman. Although 20+ Japanese women are looking for more romantic dates in an ‘expensive restaurant style’ – such a traditional type of date.

Every woman needs attention. And foreign men subconsciously give Japanese women exactly what they need – care, tenderness, attention. This is exactly what wins the hearts of most Japanese women.

Foreign men attract Japanese women with an open attitude and a range of emotions, ostentatious care. In turn, women try to reciprocate, not by force, but because they want to … well, because of gratitude.

Of course, a good attitude to a woman may not be the only factor that gets her attention. It is also necessary to combine other important things such as the financial aspect, outlook on life, personal character and more.

However, if you summarize it briefly, a foreign man is more than likely to marry a Japanese woman.

What Japanese women expect from a future husband?

If the wife earns more it is a possible outburst. This does not mean that Japanese women favor only those men who earn a lot. They love hardworking men. There are now many men among the new generation of Japanese who do not work at all but live in their virtual world. Such a man is unattractive to a Japanese woman, because he will not be able to keep his family.

Therefore, if you are standing firmly on your feet, earning enough (working or owning a business), you are a good potential husband candidate for a Japanese woman.

More important than the financial aspect is each other’s behavior in relationship. Most Japanese women would not like to date a boring man. Spending time together should be fun – that’s what most women in Japan think. If it is fun – she will look forward to the next meeting. This trait of your character (if you have one) can help you forge a strong relationship.

Japanese women will NOT tolerate when a man tries to control them. They love personal freedom and hate when a man tells them ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’. ‘You do this like that’, and ‘you better not do it’ and stuff. Although it is still thought in Japan that a man is the head of a family, it is more a formality at our times. So don’t try to control a Japanese woman.

Are Japanese women caring wives?

If you need qiuck one-word answer – Yes.

They are caring wives. They are caring women in general as well. This applies to most Japanese women, although, of course, there can always be exceptions and this fact should not be ignored.

What makes Japanese women caring?

Japanese family traditions and a special Japanese culture that still separates the role of woman and man. The Japanese are transforming society to modern world standards, but where possible, leaving the traditional component.

Japanese women enjoy equal rights. They are independent and earn a lot. Although when it comes to family, they often recognize their husband as the breadwinner. Not because of coercion, but because they want to. A Japanese woman loves to be a caring wife, because in this she sees the point of personal harmony and a key to strong relationship.

Something was inherited from parents and grandparents, somewhere the norms of the new society took root, but the fact remains itself – the Japanese wife worries about her husband and the whole family.

A striking example is cooking. Japanese women love to cook delicious dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine for their husbands. Especially if the man is a foreigner. The Japanese wife will show him all the gastronomic benefits of Japan. Often men even gain extra pounds after marriage. Although this happens not only in Japan.

Japanese women take care of their husband’s health. If husband came home from work tired, she can offer him a massage.

However, you should not look at marrying a Japanese woman through pink glasses. Often in Japanese families men feel lack of communication. They have no one to talk about their problems and experiences. Although this is more true about families where the husband and the wife are Japanese.

Often after marriage, the husband spends most of his time at work, and the wife goes busy with her own stuff.

The care of Japanese wives can be seen in relation to children. They are wonderful mothers who strive to raise beautiful progeny. Such care for the whole family is an expression of the essence of the traditional family values of Japanese women.

Comparing Japanese women with their counterparts from some other countries

In the West women often pay more attention to their careers. Family relationship more often reminds partnership.

Equality is even more obvious in the Scandinavian countries. Here, a woman will not prioritize a man’s status or desires.

In Eastern European countries women are also famous for their care towards husband and children, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such women. Many are also known to make a scandal out of a blue.

Japanese women are completely different. Their care is sincere and devoted, because it is natural.