Characteristics of typical Japanese woman

Japanese women charm everyone around. A lot of men want to date a Japanese girl, but only few of them are aware of what these girls are like. So what are the characteristics and traits of typical Japanese women? What’s so special that makes them different from Western women, for example?

Behavioral characteristics

  • Obedience

Ever since childhood Japanese women are taught to listen to their parents and obey them. This quality is present when a woman gets into relationship with someone, too.

  • Independence

There is a stereotype that Japanese women after giving birth to a child stay at home and are being housewives for the rest of their lives. It’s not true though, in modern Japan the amount of girls who prefer their career to motherhood is constantly increasing.

  • Dedication

If a Japanese woman is in love, she will do anything for you. She would do the cleaning, the cooking or any other stuff to show affection. It was confirmed by many, including foreigners and native Japanese men.

  • Courtesy

This trait is typical for Japanese women who actually follow the stereotype mentioned before and become housewives. It is realised through the way they treat their men, which is very special.

  • Punctuality

This trait is probably the one that differs Japanese women from Western women the most. For example, American girl would often be late for her date because it takes her too long to get ready, while Japanese girl would always be there in time because she doesn’t want to waste someone’s precious time.

General characteristics

  • Modesty

Japanese women might seem shy, and they are, but not in a bad way. Usually they don’t speak too much because they respect you and let you take the initiative in the conversation. These women are also non-confrontational, they absolutely hate conflicts and have some kind of a natural ability to avoid them.

  • Kindness

Based on a real-life experience of many men, Japanese girls are more compassionate as human beings and more sweet than Western girls. If a European woman would always say anything that’s on her mind, Japanese woman would think before speaking because hurting your feelings is the last thing she would want to do.

  • Politeness

In Japan a lot of things are considered rude. Everyone is taught not to do these things because they might make someobody feel uncomfortable. It’s typical of Japanese mentality to consider feelings of every person around. That’s why Japanese women are always so nice – they simply care about other people and their feelings.

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