How to start dating Japanese woman?

Start dating Japanese girl is actually not hard. If you are European looking guy, or foreigner, most of Japanese girls would be curious about communication with you and it is a good chance to start conversation. By the way, most of Japanese girls are very open and easily go for communication with new people even when they see them at first. Very open and smiling, positive and energetic – that’s how I would describe typical Japanese girl. Why not dating them, right?

What is peculiar about dating Japanese girl?

Of course, cultural differences have their impact and things that could be considered ok on the first date in the U.S. are not common or not appropriate on the first date in Japan. For example, the first kiss is very rare on the first date in Japan and is not common. Usually, the first kiss with Japanese girl happens not earlier than on the third date. If you are interested about sex on the first date with Japanese girl you can forget about this. If you are dating Japanese girl seriously, for a long time than the sex is possible, but it has some time to pass. Most of the girls in Japan consider dating and slipping in one bad, but to intimacy for some period of time. Although, this is very individual, but most of Japanese girls are oriented at serious dating that could be transformed to marriage in the future. But if you want to kiss Japanese girl on the first date you can explain her this is normal in your country and there is no condemn of that and most often she would agreed and you will have cross cultural experience in action. But this works with the kiss only! The first kiss is appropriate during the way home, when you are walking Japanese girl home and, of course, if you both have mutual feeling for that.

Who pays for the date in Japan?

In general, the bill is shared, especially if the girl is of the same social status or gets similar income, or if she is of your age – in all these cases it is common to split the bill on two. Even when couple is renting such a place as “love-hotel” (rooms in Japan that are usually rent by people for having intimacy). However, if the girl is much younger and does not work, for example, she is a student, than it is common when man pays. In general, if you pay for everything girl would be happy and will not take that for offence or violating women’s freedom. If you decided to buy some expensive bottle of wine during the date than you are paying for that. The same if you decided to spend time during the date in some unique way – for example, rope jumping.

What to do if you’d like start dating Japanese girl?

You have to spend time together and the best way is visiting different places together, and this is a tip given to foreigners by many Japanese girls. The easiest and the best way is visiting some restaurants and cafes to have some tasty dishes there.

Very important is to be fun. Interesting and fun men attract Japanese women. Japanese girls are very open and fun themselves and you have to complement each other during this communication.

What is better NOT to do when dating Japanese girl?

If you already started relationships with Japanese girl then never restrict personal freedom of Japanese girlfriend. Japanese women are known as obedient and not pretending for leadership in relations and life, but you cannot restrict her freedom. Never say Japanese girlfriend what to do and what is better not do trying to control her and stuff like that.

It is not a good idea to visit places you have visited with previous girlfriend with your new Japanese girlfriend.

It is better not to have the first kiss at the first date as most of Japanese girls take that as something special rather than usual and would like to postpone it in sweet anticipation. If the guy is trying to get the kiss at the first date most likely he will lose the trust of Japanese girl and the second date could be under the threat of never happen. The best time to kiss Japanese girl is 3rd or even 4th date. Japanese girls like to realize that guy was waiting with anticipation all those long dates to finally kiss her and, agree, this simple thing makes the first kiss much more sweet and romantic. If Japanese girl liked some guy she will not show it and it could be unnoticeable; even if the guy is really cute and the girl liked him so much she would try to hide her sympathy at first and following dates.

Can you touch Japanese girls at during date?

It is ok to touch a hand or touch her shoulder or sit close enough to her. It is also ok to have a hug and even touch the hair and even the neck, but not good to smell her perfumes openly.

Attitude of Japanese girlfriend to sex

In Japan girls consider the longer you will wait with sex, the better it is for your relations. Such attitude shows how actually serious are man’s intentions. If he is ready to wait and appreciates other qualities of his girlfriend it shows he is really ready to love and support her in different ways, but not only wants to get sexual pleasure. If you started living together or at least sharing one bad for night, it does not mean you will have sex and it does not mean Japanese girlfriend is already ready for sex – this is just one more level to explore to her, but it is not associated with intimacy. Where to spend those nights? In your place, in her place, to rent a hotel room. In European or American imagination rent a hotel room for spending night with girl means sex in most cases, but that does not mean intimacy with Japanese girl in most cases. However, many of modern Japanese girls are ready to make relations closer usually after the third or even the second date. You could even find those who would do that on the first date if they wish so, but this is uncommon for descent Japanese girls.

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