Are Armenian women eager to marry foreigners?

When we refer to the global trend of marriage migration, we mostly mean women from former Soviet Union since they are beautiful and have awesome characters. Among all post Soviet countries, Armenia is one of the most popular for possible brides, known for their prettiness, kind character, low level of feminism and complete care for their husband and children. Armenian women are eager to leave their country in search of good fiancees abroad, too.

The rate of international marriages in Armenia is currently uncertain, but the number of foreign fiancées for Armenian women continues to increase each year. Our previous articles have outlined the reasons why many Armenian women are choosing to relocate to countries like the USA or Australia. In this article, we will briefly touch on some of those reasons again. However, there is growing concern within Armenian society over the growing number of women who are leaving their home country permanently in pursuit of better prospects. There is not as much exaggeration of Armenian women who marry abroad as there is in Moldova, where every third woman leaves the country and marries a foreigner. However, many women who are the future generation of Armenian women, among them future mothers and cultural supporters, are leaving the country in search of better opportunities.



Increasingly, Armenian brides are getting married in the USA every month and every year. It is becoming more and more common for Armenians to marry citizens of Western European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, or Norway. The reason for such intentions is that some Armenian women intend to move to the West. For many Armenian women, the West automatically means prosperity, better social status, including at home.

Some Armenian women are forced to look to the West by such mercantile wishes. Many don’t realize that American and Western European life is also challenging, and both spouses need to work hard in order to earn a good salary and live a decent life.

There is a common image among Armenian women of the husband working, while the wife keeps the home and cares for the children. This is not the case in Western countries, where men and women have equal rights. Both spouses must contribute to the household income. As a result of cultural differences, such attitudes and traditional Armenian behavior may become a major minus.


It is up to Armenian women to decide where to marry a foreigner if they decide to do so. A woman from Armenia can marry a foreigner in Armenia, in the USA, or in another foreign country. There is no repeat registration of this marriage in Armenia, for example, if she marries a foreigner in the USA. Armenian authorities face that problem because they are unable to calculate how many Armenian women live and are married outside the country.

Instead of solving the material problems of the population, the authorities try to fight with consequences, not the reasons for such huge marriage migrations of representatives of their country.

An idea of marrying a foreigner one day because he is rich could cause disappointment and some bad consequences. Although this doesn’t happen very often, there are many cases where foreign women suffer in marriage somewhere in America and are utterly helpless in another country at the same time.

In some cases, Armenian women move abroad because they feel financially secure there and are able to provide a better life for their children. Every mother wishes her children a better life, a better chance at self-development, and in the USA, those chances are significantly greater than in Armenia.

The Armenian women cannot be judged for that. You can judge others only if you are in their shoes. Armenian women can easily marry foreigners by law, but it is pretty difficult for them to deal with cultural differences within their own families. She may need to tell her father, for example, that she is marrying a foreigner.

Foreigners prefer to find Armenian women abroad and keep in contact with them rather than go to Armenia. It seems like Armenia is the country they are afraid to go to.

Do Armenian women have what it takes to be the top choice among European women in the competition for foreign fiancées? Absolutely. They possess unique and indescribable physical features, as well as admirable character traits. Men from all over the world see them as precious gems due to their kind, down-to-earth nature, nurturing motherly instincts, and intelligence. In short, Armenian women make ideal wives.