Czech women: appearance and features of national character

Propose you to identify the most distinctive features of Czech women, conspicuous almost all at once. Let’s start with the appearance. How Czech women look like?

Czech women are representatives of typical Western Slavs. Sort of a mixture of German and Slavic in their faces, I would say. That is a combination of atypical German “extends” and the right and comely Slavic features. Czech women often have fairly long noses, sometimes with a small hump. As a rule, Czech women are thin and do not have problems with extra weight.

Hair color is mostly light brown, like most Slavs have. Sometimes there and burning brunettes, much less chance is to meet natural blondes. Hair of Czech women is light and thin enough. Czech women adore to change natural hair color and the most popular colors are blond and brunette.

Unlike their Eastern counterparts (Eastern Slavs), Czech women almost never use any make up, because they do not like to use it and state natural beauty does not need any corrections. Some think this is because Czech women are too lazy to spend time for makeup, but more truthful is a thought that Czech women are very practical and they do not have much time for makeup, as most of them work and they need time for their own, but not to waste the time near mirror.

In addition, many Czech women choose healthy way of life, diet, meditation, yoga and make up is just useless when you have such life philosophy.

The same story with high hills and expensive clothes. Czech women consider high hills not only inconvenient, but harmful. You’ll rarely see woman on high hills in Czechia, but if you see one, this is probably immigrant or tourist from Eastern Europe.

As for clothes, usual shirt, jeans and sneakers are the best companions of average Czech woman. To emphasize themselves they love different glasses, scarves and imitation jewelry. Czech women use very nice perfumes, which have sophisticated and pleasant odor.

What highlights some of the most typical every day hairstyle of Czech women is the so-called “ragged beam”. Such beams are popular among the Germans. The more raunchy and “ragged” such a beam is, the “cooler” is its owner. As you might guess, Czechs borrowed many from West in terms of clothes and in terms of behavior, and the more East you go, the less of this “borrowings” you see.

Czech woman is not a typical domestic wife. Most of Czech women do not want to study at the Universities as believe it is just waste of time. Instead, they choose gaining some practical skills and find a job.

Most of Czech working age women hurry to come back to work after giving birth to a child. Maybe it is due to the fact that Czech women already for long time feel equality with men and often even some kind of superiority. That is why they are very strict, say what they want without any hints and tricks around.

Many would like to know how Czech women perceive marriage. Most of them consider such step as formal marriage registration waste of time and not needed procedure, unless the couple is going to have a child (possible legal consequences) they do not usually register marriage. Such common life with the partner is called “partner relationship” in Czech Republic and is very popular form of civil marriage.

Actually, Czech women are not very dependant on marriage, as they feel self-sufficient and if they want a partner, they find a partner, but it is not necessary to get married with him, because, maybe in a year, she would like to find another partner. Therefore marriage is a kind of pleasant addition to already fulfilled life of self-sufficient person, a partnership, but not a society norm or need.

Liberation of Czech women according to choosing a partner is another topic for discussion. This is actually, the main reason, why some foreigners are afraid to marry Czechs.

Czech women and fitness. Czech women adhere to diet and healthy style of life. They like to visit gym, provide active way of life, many of them eat healthy food and many are vegetarians. Many practice yoga and meditation, so accept beauty of their body. They are concerned about mental health and self-improving.

Features of Czech ladies’ national character

Czech women are quite open and liberated. Affectations is not what they tend to, they often say what they think. With men they also behave quite openly and unfettered. Almost all the Czech women work. In the Czech Republic it was never accepted for woman to sit at home and do not work. After maternity, for example, and even earlier, Czech women are in hurry to go back to work. Czech women are very surprised when they get to know that many women in Eastern European countries are doing many house chores.

Higher Education among Czech women is a rarity. Basically Czech women occupy administrative positions for which higher education is not required.

Czech women are quite peculiar when it is going about the marriage. Marriage for Czech woman is welcoming addition to already comfortable life, but usually nothing more.

Many Czech women live without officially registered marriage for more than 10 years and it is considered absolutely normal.

Czech women are quite athletic and most of them are interested in a healthy lifestyle, especially 20+ women. Among inhabitants of big cities there are many vegetarians. Many Czech women comply with strict diet and regularly go to the gym, have bicycle ride in the summer and skiing in winter.

Many Czech women love children and willing to give birth to more than 2 children in the family.

Czech women belong to Western Slavs and are very different from Eastern Slavs. Difference is vivid in appearance as well as in character. It is hard to imagine common life of man from East and Czech woman, because patriarchal type of man is absolutely not compatible with the loseness and openness of Czech woman. The difference in mentality in this case is very strong.

Thinking of Czech women, everyone has some stereotypes, subjective thoughts and call this personal opinion. It is based on own imagination, some movies, articles, stories and very rarely on personal experience. Only personal experience is what we can advice.