Typical Armenian woman characteristics

Frequently, the stereotype is held that Armenian women have dark hair, brown eyes and a slim figure. However, I came across an interesting post on an Armenian forum claiming that some “pure” Armenian women actually had blue eyes and were tall. Whether this statement holds truth or not is uncertain, but as it was mentioned by an Armenian individual, it should be acknowledged. Furthermore, when attempting to objectively describe the women of this stunning nation without relying on preconceptions or favoritism, all available information and perspectives must be considered.

It is difficult to categorize women of a particular nationality as there is always a mash-up with national characteristics in general, so here we will describe Armenian men as well.

The Armenian temperament is world famous. People who are highly expressive of their emotions are known as Armenians. In spite of stereotypes, many Armenians are phlegmatic and even melancholic. Older Armenian citizens are wise and calm. They are able to give father’s advice and are eager to teach. Of course, rather men are eager to tell stories about how to live.



Armenian women hold a strong commitment to their families. They greatly value folk customs and consistently honor their family heritage. When in conversation, men often display fervor, using animated facial expressions and gestures to emphasize their words. Impulsiveness and unpredictability are common traits among Armenian men, particularly when it comes to expressing their feelings. Armenians tend to speak with passion and emotion, but they usually maintain a calm demeanor and only resort to causing a stir if they feel personally offended or if the well-being of loved ones or fellow Armenians is at stake.

Due to their seniority, individuals over the age of 20 from Armenia tend to demonstrate a strong inclination towards active perfectionism. They typically do not fuss over their personal relationships and are free-spirited when it comes to expressing their emotions. However, they possess a strong desire for self-discovery and growth. The younger generation of Armenians have a natural curiosity that leads them to easily join various subcultures, making them avid enthusiasts of sports, art, and modern trends. As for the intellectual progress of the nation, it is commendable.



Obtaining a higher education diploma could be the real aim for Armenians, surprising to Americans. Armenian women, too, attend universities not because they want, but because they should. These reasons include: not being worse than others, worries about their reputation, and making their parents and older relatives proud.

In contrast to intellectual development, which is reserved for the most ambitious, creative skills are essential for practically every Armenian. Their talents are exceptional in educational art, music, singing, choreography, poetry, and prose. Armenian women are sensual and open, especially at a time when all of life is in front of them. Sentimentality in a wonderful way is coupled with activity, emotional, impulsive, and some scandalous aspects of the Armenian nation.

In everyday life, Armenian women could be described as impractical. They did not save money in case of emergency and spent a lot to meet their needs. This characteristic helps to ensure Armenians love their work. Most of them do not have the finances and work for their own pleasure because they love their work and self-realization.

At the first stage, Armenian women over the age of 20 are often subjected to place work. Because of professional matters, they could forget about family, personal, social and cultural life, devoted entirely to their work. A new generation of Armenians has always gushed ideas seeking innovative approaches, and stands for it. That is why they are highly valued at the job market.

In addition to their creativity and industriousness, Armenians are known for their consistency of tastes and preferences. They often change their occupation, seeking out new and emerging areas.

Generally, Armenian families are known for their husbands being the heads of the family. Armenian women are known for their conservatism. The Armenian woman controls the rest and remains a faithful companion of her man for the rest of her life. Armenian men traditionally provide support and protection to the family.

As much as Armenian men are known for their spirit and emotions, Armenian women are known for their thrift, cleanliness, and patience. As the backbone of the religious field, they not only cherish the family home but also support the country’s cultural and spiritual life.