Do Latvian women dream about American boyfriends

I don’t know where exactly American men get the feeling that women from different countries dream of them as of men, but for sure, such statement has the grain of truth under it. Americans get popularity among women of the world because they are thought to be ‘rich by default’ and therefore – able to provide better life for themselves, wife, future family, etc.

Some women are looking for rich American as a man who’ll decide all their financial problems once and for all. Some want to use American man to get financial interest from him. What about Latvian women? Do Latvian women would like to have American boyfriend? Do Latvian women dream about Americans as boyfriends?

My guess, Latvian women do not have much need in exactly American boyfriend. Instead, many are in need to have descent boyfriend to provide common life with. Most of Latvian women were brought up in moral traditions, they are pretty and they have dignity. Therefore, in most cases they would not date a guy just because he is American or because of financial perspectives or blur expectations for better life. At last, Latvia is European Union country and people there earn enough to have descent life, and if someone does not, he can find work in other countries of European Union where wages are higher.

It is clearly seen that Latvian women are oriented at long term relationship. If you had different experience, you either went to some special places in Latvia where such women like to search for foreigners or you have a chance to meet “special type” of women whom you’ll find anywhere in the world.

One more reason why Latvian women are not fond of idea of dating Americans is their intelligence. They perfectly realize they are pretty and there are much better ways to ‘invest’ their beauty than dating American guy. Of course, if there is mutual sympathy between “her” and “him” and later it turns out that he is an American – no problem. But such cases when the clever Latvian woman starts to look for options that the first best American paid attention to her are frank nonsense. Suppose there are some isolated cases. Our world is big and there are a lot of people in it, as well as different patterns of behavior and combinations. But in most cases, Latvian women do not seek dating Americans on purpose.

Even if you think further in this perspective, it would be more common for Latvian woman to make a man fall in love with her. She would rather use her beauty making him feel real need for her. Such approach is way more effective and will bring more useful perspectives.

In approach to Latvian women, be respectful. No matter what you have read before, what have you heard of Latvian women before or what you suppose – it is only in your head. You have your own eyes and mind and even your previous experience with Latvian woman cannot be the ultimate truth all the time. Every woman is unique, was brought up in different family with different life and family values. Every woman has her own point of view, including on relationship with man in general.

According to listed in the lines above, be smart, careful and wise when approaching Latvian woman. Don’t believe stereotypes, believe in what you see and what you know yourself as this is your experience and it is – priceless!

What you still have to do if you really want to find Latvian girlfriend? What if this is your aim in Latvia and you don’t want lections about morality and stuff? All you need is just to have some fun while staying in Latvia. Well, what I can say… This is all similar as in every country in the world. Visit some places like clubs or bars, which are usually full of nice women and the fact that you are American will only help you to find new acquaintances. Be aware of not being scammed in Latvia. Also you better choose big cities like Riga or Jurmala where there are more women.

It is worth remembering that what your future girlfriend will be depends very much on the place where you met her. There are no coincidences. For example, smart women can usually be found in the library, in new skills courses or somewhere among like-minded people who practice awareness and self-development. You are unlikely to meet a vegetarian in a meat pub. And vice versa. If you visit places where people prefer to drink, have primitive entertainment and low energy levels – the possible future girlfriend whom you firstly meet here, in most cases, will be just as most of people who like to live such life. Draw conclusions and good luck in the search of Latvian girlfriend.