Tips For Canadian Man Who Decided to Marry Polish Woman

Many Canadians like to travel Europe and most of them are interested in trips to Central European or Eastern European countries. Some of them are interested by post communist heritage of these region and some are just bored in Western European countries because they have been there already for many times before. Center and East of Europe is much more attractive to average Canadian not only by its exotics, but because cost of living here is pretty low. As for average Canadian, Poland is interesting country to spend time here for few months. It is not surprise that Poland attracts representatives of Canada by its pretty women. Tired of obese counterparts many Canadians enviously look into European direction.

It is natural that according to multicultural exchange, traveling, Internet, studying, work and many other reasons Canadians become closer with Poles. Polish citizens travel to Canada as tourists and some find permanent job in Canada. Canadians visit Poland and find here new friends among locals. It is natural process that some people of both these nations get in love with each other. Canadian-Polish couples form new reality where Canadian-Polish marriage is the example of successful family. Canadian men like family oriented and extremely beautiful women from Poland and when some Canadian has married Polish girl the other would try to follow his example. I am not sure whether it is mainstream in Canada to get married with woman from Poland, probably still it is not, but I can tell for sure that many Canadians are interested what should they do to find appropriate Polish bride. Our tips could help Canadian man in building right strategy of finding woman from Poland whom he could get married with.

Canadian guys are attractive for Polish women

Canadians are still interesting to many Poles as interlocutors and just guys from prosperous country which some Poles would like to live in. When I was discussing with many friends from Poland what countries I have been to and told that I have been to Canada many were fascinated, asking how is it out there and why I did not stayed there for permanent living. This means Canada still associates among people from Poland as “better world to live in” and many would like to use the chance. However, it does not mean that if Polish girl you got acquainted with would know you are from Canada she would try to be with you just because of that. Girls from Poland like men whom they like – and that’s it. Nationality does not really matter when it is going about close relationships. Yes, the fact that you are Canadian plays some positive role, but it is not that much important as you might think, especially if you are looking for descent Polish girl who is worthful to create family with. That is why you should rather focus on your self-improvement and on how to present yourself in front of potential candidate for bride rather than being too much concerned on the fact you are from Canada.

Be interesting in communication

If we are talking more about marriage we will omit many things that we need to know in terms of dating Polish woman. Except for one – communication. Woman has to feel need in you. She has to feel need for communication with you and that is why it is very important to understand whether you interest particular Polish woman you like. Why? Let us face the truth: you can not change yourself dramatically, right? You may try hard to improve yourself, but the result would be close to zero, and that is not what would impress the woman. What I am trying to say is that if woman did not like you during first meeting she would not like you in the future either. You may try once check this thought once more and most likely you will get negative result. But ask yourself the question “Do I really need that?” I mean, do you really need to change yourself for some woman? Even very beautiful woman. Maybe it is better to find the woman who will like you for the person you are at the moment? Ok, you’ve got it – if everything is alright and you communicate great with girl from Poland from the very beginning it means she probably could be your future wife.

Act like if you are already married

It is logical that before marriage you will have dating process with Polish girl. It might be long or short, it depends on how quick you will be ready to move to the next step which is called marriage. But now it is dating. Polish girls consider dating as important step for future marriage and if she decided to seriously dating with you this means she considers you as possible future husband. Why “possible”? Because you have to prove her expectations. In everything. She will check whether you could be her future husband. Polish women usually pretty quickly decide to live together with man they are dating. Such common life is nothing but a rehearsal for married life together and allows her to check whether you suit her as future husband. Actually, there is no difference in such common life while dating and life after marriage, except for official documents. Common life is your chance to prove you are reliable man – or… fail. Always keep your promises, especially those which somehow concern your common life. You also have to demonstrate you may earn enough as well as be able to protect your woman.

Act, not just talk

Women from Poland like when actions speak for the man. Talkative man is considered too much feminine and he is not seriously accepted by Polish woman as reliable partner for the future. For example, instead of telling how good you are in your job, bring some serious income and buy new car for this money. Or instead of telling your girlfriend how you love her, once coming back home buy flowers in the flowers-store and present them to your Polish girlfriend, just for no reason – and you will see the result.

Actions means not only presents, if you understood me right. It means in your business or in your hobby you have to achieve your goals and your girlfriend has to see that. You do not have to inform her step by step what you are doing otherwise she will get tired of you, instead, you should briefly inform her on your achievements. For example you tell her you started new project on the internet which is connected with dating. In a month you tell her your project is ready to start booming. In two months you tell her you got a sum with four zeros on your account thanks to your new project. Of course, it is written in very idealistic manner, but I guess you’ve got the clue. Polish woman has to see her man active and achieving his goals, not matter how stupid or unrealistic this goal might seem at first, it also is not about money you earn – it is about your ability to act, instead of sitting on the couch sipping beer and telling how tired you are from surrounding world.

Focus on your woman, not stereotypes

Do not pay a lot of attention to the nationality of the girl you would like to choose for future wife. Maybe you found out that Polish girls are beautiful and intelligent and that is why you are looking for such future wife. Maybe some of your friends has married to pretty woman from Poland. Maybe there is some other reason, but I will recommend taking into consideration particular woman you want to be your future wife. Forget about stereotypes which tell you this and that about different countries. There is a woman and she is unique, with her own traits of character, which not always might suit you. Meeting ten Polish women you might find out all of them are different and some of them you would like and some of them you would not like. The same with them – some would consider you attractive and some would assume you as douche bag. Some might be interested in communication with you, but would never be ready for relationships and some would try to use you. This is real world and challenges also are real. There are no ideal people and you have to look at the woman as at possible wife, if you want so, but not as at the representative of some nationality. Think critically, analyze the situation, do not let emotions rule your life and marriage with descent Polish woman will be only a matter of time for you.