7 Things to Build Strong Relationship With Polish Woman – Figured Out On Own Experience

Dating with Polish girl is interesting and fascinating. Although I have had experience with other Slavic girls like Ukrainian and Russian, Polish girls are very different in the way they behave and I like it a lot. I like Polish girls the best and later I will explain why. Maybe in appearance all girls of Slavic origin are somewhat similar (read: very pretty), but in types of behavior they are very different.

Polish girl is very direct in what she thinks and in what she does. You don’t have to guess, catch a hint like in case with Ukrainian girls, for example. After short period of dating you might already talk about living together. But don’t be in hurry, as now you are only talking about it. Actually, often Polish girl is the initiator who starts conversation about common living first.

I will remind you once more – Polish girls are very direct. For example, if she has read your message on the phone, but didn’t answer you – there is no need to think something is wrong. Ask her directly, why didn’t she answer and she will tell you the truth: she was busy, she had no time or… she didn’t want to talk. Don’t get offended if she didn’t want to talk, it does not mean she didn’t want to talk to you, but she was not in the mood for conversation with anyone. Don’t let your imagination spoil everything what is just starting with your relations with Polish girl. Our imagination often likes to draw negative pictures and the reality is different and always better.

Be reliable

Let us talk a little about money issue and Polish girl. Believe me, I am telling you from my own experience with Polish girl, money are not that important as you might think. Of course, you have to earn, to work, but… much more important for Polish girl is to see you as the man who is ready to act, to go to his goal, to find ideas and to fulfill them in life, to be the one who ACTS, but not the one who only TALKS. Polish girl would like to see you are serious in everything what you start to do. She would accept you if you are working hard on the building construction and if you changed your job for starting your own business. She has to see you are ready to move further all the time, to act spontaneously if it is needed, to choose the other way quickly if there is such a need, saying in one word… you have to be RELIABLE.

Sense of humor

It is very important feature when you are just starting dating Polish girl and when you are already in relations. This is what helps to find the contact where it is hard to achieve with other methods. It makes you feel interesting with you and she would like to look up for next date, contact with you, would like to make her first call etc.

Don’t forget to express your feelings

to your Polish girlfriend. Write her text messages; express your emotions and love. BUT only if you really have some feelings. If you are just pretending to make compliments, she would immediately feel the fake.

Don’t hurry up

Let everything go with the flow a bit. Don’t hurry your Polish girl to call you boyfriend or make some obligations etc. She has to feel the freedom, but at the same time she has to feel need in you. She has to be interested in you. Dating Polish girls reminds blanket dragging – sometimes you are going to text and call her first and wishing good night, sometimes she would do it first, but there would be someone who is more in love, who rules the parade, and there would be someone who obey.

Make your Polish girlfriend presents

The main aim of every present is ATTENTION. You have to express that you are thinking about her. Flowers work just great, it should be not necessarily big bouquet, but the bigger it is, the more impressed she would be. And if you present flowers for just no reason, during ordinary day, it would work the best. She would appreciate that very much.

Find common things to do

Make her involved in some of your projects – hobbies, Internet business, I don’t know… etc. You know, there should be balance when you both have enough personal freedom and at the same time have some common things to do and this common activity has to bring you both a joy. This is one more way to make your relations stronger and more close.


Polish girls enjoy traveling. Of course, you are busy, you work, but you have to travel with your Polish girlfriend. On the weekends you may visit different city or interesting place as Poland is very interesting country from the tourist point of view; and once in a few month choose some tour from Poland to Greece, Cyprus or… Malta.