Polish or Ukrainian Girlfriend – What Are The Main Differences

Under this title we are getting informed about differences between dating Ukrainian and Polish girl. This is based on the observation of the man who was dating girls from both countries and now you can read about main points which make Polish and Ukrainian girls different. But first, I will remind what is common between girls of both countries.

Both Polish and Ukrainian girls have Slavic roots and their genome has something in common. Girls from both countries are very pretty and being in Poland and being in Ukraine you are wondering with your mouth open how many pretty model look girls you can observe on the streets. It is also known that Poles used to live in Ukraine and some parts of Poland are now Ukrainian territory and some parts of Ukrainian ethnic territories are in Poland – we are leaving this to historicists but imply the fact that Polish and Ukrainian roots are mixed pretty much with border close territories. There are many Polish last names among today’s inhabitants of Ukraine. Many Ukrainians nowadays go to Poland and settle down there and create mixed polish Ukrainian families. But now let us move closer to the point, mainly – differences you see in dating Ukrainian and Polish girl.

Girls from Poland are objective and know what they want from life. When you are dating girl from Poland it becomes very vivid. No matter how strong is your romantic feelings, she will leave you if she needs not leave the city for work because she planned so. It does not mean the end of relations, but she would not stay with you just because you love her – she has her own goals. Ukrainian girls would change her opinion, even if she does not like it and will follow her man (boyfriend). She would quit the job, change her priorities, but will try to be and live with her boyfriend.

Polish girl is more like a partner for her boyfriend. When you are going to the store she would not ask her guy to buy her some clothes because she has her own money and she respects material needs and position of her guy, unlike Ukrainian girl who is usually fully devoted and obedient to her boyfriend and at the same time she expects steps like material support and sponsorship from him. I am not saying all Ukrainian girls are like that, but most of them are.

Ukrainian girls seem to be more sentimental and more emotional. They like to express their emotions brightly, often exaggerating. Polish girls are more used to real life and know its price and it seems they are more “emotionally cold”. Polish girls deeply appreciate flowers and sincere presents made from heart and soul, but they express it with lightly vivid smile, hiding emotions. Ukrainian girls like flowers and presents as well, but their reaction is more expressive and often seems artificial. I don’t want to make any generalizations, because it is all very personal and every girl is unique, with all her personal goals, type of character and way of behavior.

Continuing theme of feelings and sentiments, Polish girlfriend is more strict. If she wants to call you first, she will, but at the same time she will hang up as quickly. It usually will not be a call for half an hour. It could be two minutes call, because she is busy and she has much stuff to do. But it does not mean she has lost her feelings or doesn’t love you anymore. When Ukrainian girl is calling to you, you can expect an hour long video call and she might get offended if you tell her you need to finish typing your article and you will call her later.

Summing up, I would say both – Ukrainian and Polish girls are very pretty, intelligent and worth to have strong relations, creating future family with them. But it is going about descent women, not a gold diggers or scammers who only need your money.