Dating Paraguayan woman

Why do we think it is very common that Westerner would go to Paraguay on special purpose of dating Paraguayan lady? I have never heard such stories, but I guess such stories are real as this country is quite big and quite poor and that is why countries like this always attract foreign tourists.

Dating is completely devoting and long lasting process. For dating and wooing Paraguayan woman you will have to stay in the country for a long time. Take into consideration some foreigners consider Paraguay extremely boring place. Personally, I think it is subjective point of view of some people. There are no boring countries and places on Earth, everything depends on how you organize your everyday activity.

If you are truly in love with your Paraguayan girlfriend – you might decide to stay in the country for a long time. By the way, Paraguay is not very safe country and many of those foreigners who have been here on some purpose say country is boring and slow in its development. Many state they would not visit Paraguay next time if there is a possibility.

Subjective opinions better remain with their owners. I guess one should look for advantages in every situation. If there are not many tourist attractions in the country and not many foreigners come here then why not to try starting some serious relationship with pure family dedicated local women? Such relationship could start with dating and be finished with marriage.

What type of women can you expect when thinking about dating women of Paraguay? Well, Paraguay is populated with posterities of Spanish colonists and Guarani – local indigenous tribes. As well, there are many people who are called mestizo, those are mixed blood representatives of Spanish colonists and Guarani women. Actually, Spaniards liked to take Guarani women for wives. Thinking of dating women in Paraguay you have a choice between prosterity of Spaniards and exotic Guarani women as well as trying to date mestizo women.

If you visit Paraguay in hope of dating Paraguayan women, don’t think they will be very happy with dating you because you’re foreigner. You must know, Paraguay seems a little abandoned place and many people live here in such conditions we would call it the past century, especially if this is rural area. Some women in Paraguay might seem to you being old fashioned and if they came from the past. At the same time many of them are very naive. Some rural Paraguayan women could afraid of dating foreigner because they have never seen one in their life and the stories they’ve heard of foreigners mostly have bad connotation. You will have to win such woman’s heart by slowly shoving your admiration, making discreet compliments and helping her to understand better who you are. After that period you will have to learn a lot about her culture, depending on what cultural group of Paraguay she belongs to.

Then you have to show her your culture. Slowly, starting with pictures and stories, then showing some videos about your family, holidays, parades in the town, etc. Show Paraguayan woman where you live in your country, tell her how people behave and what is life there like. If some day she visits your country she might have cultural shock and this could be either good or not. After such trip she may decide to come back home to Paraguay to live in calm accustomed atmosphere, not leaving her comfort zone. The other scenario when she would like it so much in foreign country that would like to stay there forgetting about life in Paraguay as nightmare.

What is very important when dating Paraguayan woman? Language. In Paraguay they speak Spanish but about 40% of population speak Guaraní language and don’t speak even Spanish. So, you have to keep that in mind and decide what language to learn to find woman for dating. Spanish speaking women are mentally closer to Westerners. It is better to learn Spanish as it could be useful in other Latin American countries in case you won’t succeed in Paraguay. As for Guarani language – you will have a chance to learn it when fell in love with some woman of this indigenous nation. You will have no other choice as learning their language.