What Polish Women Think About Foreigners?

Polish women are quite liberal and open to people, especially when we are talking about young generation, but this is only in general and if we pay attention there are many facts which show the opposite. Polish girls are quite picky and use stereotypes according to other nations and also they are quite patriotic and often not tolerant to other nationalities. There is a scale which shows percentage of “like” of Poles towards other nations and always this love or hate finds objective reasons in the past.

On the one hand Polish women do not like Ukrainians because of common tragic pages of history and because of Ukrainians are known as cheap labor power who often are associated with criminals and alcoholics. But there is huge part of Polish women in the society who are neutral to Ukrainians and there are Polish girls who like Ukrainians, dating or marry them. As you see – it is all very personal.

As for Germans, many say Poles do not like Germans because of tragic common history as well and because many Poles say when they were working in Germany many Germans treated them not equally. But at the same time we see many Polish women who had been married to German man and have mixed families who live happily. As you see, stereotypes here do not work as well.

So, there is no particular answer what is the attitude of Polish women to foreigners. I guess it is very personal. I was working in few offices in Poland with multicultural staff – French,  Estonian, Ukrainian, Polish and attitude of Polish women was very benevolent to everyone. I personally know Ukrainian guy who works in the restaurant and his wife is Polish woman. He told attitude at work to him and other Ukrainians in Poland is much better than attitude of many his compatriots to people way back home in  Ukraine. I also know Russian girl who lives in Poland and attitude to Polish women is very welcoming towards her as she has many Polish friends around.

My own observation that in general Polish women are very welcoming to foreigners if the foreigner behaves ok as well. There are stereotypes and superstitions in Polish society which are based on bitter experience of the past, but they disappear as soon as Polish man or woman starts communicating with particular foreigner. There are cases where you will face up with real non tolerance or even hate because of your origin, but these cases are minor and in general Poland could be called friendly. But, of course, if you want to omit problems it is better not to walk alone at night, visit suspicious clubs and bars when you are alone – as you see, just as anywhere in the world.