What is the attitude of Brazilian women to foreigners

To some Americans it may seem that Brazilian women are very open minded and liberate. It is how they see Brazilian women at the first sight. How come?

Well, you know that typical reason for American tourists who visit Brazil is to see the Carnival. Warmed up with imagination American guys go to the Copacabana beach and see more pretty Brazilian women. Brazilian hot climate and independence of local women do wonders with imagination of American guys. The truth is this is only their imagination. In 95% what we imagine has nothing common with truth.

The fact that brings more oil into the fire is that if you go to a club (and most Americans who visit Brazil do so) you may become interesting person for some local women. It is common and normal for Brazilian woman to come and start conversation with you. Yes, in Brazil women are not embarrassed or ashamed to do the first step and getting acquainted with the guy.

But this does not mean they are ready for something else except for conversation and having a drink! They can ask you for a drink, have a nice evening with you and that’s it. If you keep insisting she would quickly show her another face.

So the answer to the main question whether Brazilian women are interested in foreigners would be “yes”, but this “yes” usually means hanging out and conversation. Of course, Brazilian women are not that much emancipated but they are very ambitious, independent and along with Argentine women are probably the most emancipated in South America. Will you have luck with Brazilian woman depends on you only.