What is the attitude of Brazilian women to foreigners

To some Americans who are called “gringos” in Brazil it may seem that Brazilian girls are very open minded and not against to spend time with American or “gringo” as they say. Such stereotype is popular among Americans because it is how they see Brazilian girls at the first sight. How come?

Well, you know that typical reason for American tourists who visit Brazil is to see the Carnival where they see explicit costumes and demonstration of the body in every possible way. Warmed up with their imagination American guys go to the Copacabana beach and see more bikini and forms which Brazilian girls are very proud of and eager to demonstrate with pleasure. Take into consideration the emphasis is on the word demonstrate and usually nothing more. Brazilian hot climate and independence of local women do wonders with imagination of already excited with anticipation American guys. Read also: Interesting facts abour Brazilian women and the country

The fact that brings more oil into the fire is that if you go to night club or bar (and most Americans who visit Rio do so) you become interesting person for local girls as European looking guy or whatever and it is common and normal for Brazilian girl to come and start conversation with you. Yes, in Brazil girls are not embarrassed or ashamed to do the first step and getting acquainted with the guy what is just typical also for Icelandic women. But this does not mean they are ready for something else except for conversation and having a drink!  They can ask you for a drink; have a nice evening with you but often nothing more. If you keep insisting on something more she would quickly show you what is on her mind. I am telling you that very often our thoughts are different than the reality is, but we believe in our stereotypes and beliefs which often have no ground under feet.

So, the answer to the main question of the article whether Brazilian women are interested in foreigners would be “yes”, but this yes usually means hanging out and conversation only. Of course, Brazilian women are not that emancipated as Scandinavian or other European girls, for example, but they are very ambitious, independent and along with Argentine women are probably the most emancipated in South America. Will you have luck with Brazilian girl depends on you only and also depending on the particular girl you are with and also the place you are in Brazil. Every case is individual but if to generalize Brazilian girls are bad “targets” if you are looking for accessible women worldwide. Read also: Women in Brazil are not only very pretty, but interesting and little unexplored

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  1. Luisa says:

    Finally! In all other sites, they always refer to Brazilians as “easy” and “whores” when that is not the way we are. I have horrible disgust of foreigners who try to abuse the curiosity and natural joy of our people to just have sex, when girls really want to marry and have a great love.

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