First date with Brazilian woman – 10 tips to know

Brazilian women have rather traditional approach to dating process and all what might be connected considering it. They expect the man to have gentleman manners towards woman, at least when it is going about dating. The first date is extremely important here. During the first date with Brazilian woman you make the first impression about yourself which is vitally important for future relationship. Even if you were born in Western country and liberal freedoms made great impact on you, try to behave more traditional way. Do not try to change her view of life and view on people. Enjoy the process and remain in the nice moment you are in. Being to pushy or arrogant brings subconscious rejection.

If you are ready for the first date with Brazilian woman you already know that traditional dating approach is important. But at the same time this approach has many peculiarities in different spheres and we are going to discuss them today.

1) You have to show your leading skills. At first – be initiative in choosing a restaurant and propose places to go. You have to be active and to lead the game. In no way show your weak sides and incertitude. You should leave Brazilian woman some room for action like asking where is it better to go. She is local and knows it better, but the last choice has to be unobtrusively made by you. The same with the fact that you are initiator of this.

2) Bring flowers for the first date with Brazilian woman. Restaurant should be good and dishes should be tasty. Good wine is also a need. Nice panorama is also great for your future success on the first date.

3) During the first date with Brazilian woman do not talk about topics concerning your ex girlfriends, religion and topics which could be considered immoral, etc.

4) Your appearance also matters. The style should be at least casual but necessary you clothes to be clean. You should look good, otherwise there is high chance it would be considered disrespectful by Brazilian woman. Even if it is normal style in your home country.

5) Family is very important to every Brazilian woman, as many often live with the family until get married. Family topics are good to discuss on the first date and if you make the right emphasis showing you are interested in her family she might admire it. You’ll get extra bonuses.

6) Expect that if you hope for serious relationship, she would ask you to visit her family after the third date, so be ready for that.

7) Brazilian women like those men with good sense of humor as they are very open and optimistic by nature. Your jokes will be treated very well.

8) Portuguese language is one more interesting thing, as you may ask her to teach you some words and it would partially show your interest in her culture. Although don’t make the date to turn into language lesson – you should be measured in everything.

9) Interest in culture is also a good opportunity to get respect of Brazilian woman. Ask her some questions about interesting places in the city, where it would worth to go. That might even become a pretext for the next date. In questions don’t be nerdy.

Time during first date with Brazilian woman should flow easy and unobtrusively for both of you. As the man you should do your best to make it memorable for her. Very important is to walk Brazilian woman home or take her a cab at the end of the date. You are open to propose it and see how she reacts. Try not to be persistent, but initiative and confident.

Brazilian women like confident men and you have to show your pluses, but better in rather hidden manner. If you have a nice body, it is better to dress up the way she could evaluate it, but not explicitly demonstrate your torso. Be proud of your pluses, but silently showing them and in no way bounce of money or social status.

After the first date it is good to write a text message with wish of good night and notice you had a great time. As for the first kiss on the first date with Brazilian woman – it is rather individual and you better act depending on the situation. If romantic atmosphere disposes for it – then make it happen. But if not – you better not lean your head towards her lips as it would be much proper to do that someday later.

Remember: being persistent and initiative, but not overconfident and the first date gives all chances to get continuation resulted in the next date. One more important advice – be yourself. If woman likes you just the way you are – it is 70% of future success. In case you have not much in common, if she didn’t like you and you didn’t like her from the very beginning it is better not to pretend. It is normal that there are some people who feel mutual attraction at the first sight and some will never tolerate each other in any circumstances.