How to behave to attract Serbian woman?

To attract Serbian women foreign man should behave with respect and treat them as personalities with their own inner world, personal preferences and individual outlook. Actually, respectable man should behave such a way with all women, not only Serbian. Man who does not respect woman does not respect himself first of all. Why this topic starts with respect and such big attention we pay to this word but more important to the action which is implied under this word. Because there are many foreign guys who visit Serbia with aim to find girls for good time spending. These guys usually treat all girls of this country like those who are ready to marry, to date and to sleep with every foreigner from Western country, because Serbia is relatively poor and they concern economical situation of the country to use it in their interest which is always immoral. To attract Serbian woman you should never behave like one of these guys.

To attract Serbian girl you better show good manners. Show your descent level of culture, behave, be attentive to what woman wants. Serbian women rarely say directly what they want, but like many Slavic women prefer to give man hints. You need to be attentive and to be able to read these hints. This is more important than you think, because if you don’t read hints and as the result doesn’t fulfill your Serbian girl requests into life she would be offended, your relations would be more tensed within the time and this would lead to break up. So if you have catastrophe with reading between the lines of what Serbian girl really wants you have to learn to do this or if you feel there is something you can’t guess – ask your Serbian woman directly. It would be nice to give an example of such ‘hint’ behavior of Serbian girl, right? For example, when girl tells she is cold it is not only direct ask to turn on heater, but rather call to hold her and gently kiss; it is also not bad to make her warm tea and bring warm blanket in case she really got cold and also kiss and hug her after. Of course, no one has ever postpone healthy wisdom and if you got both cold under the rain or appeared in mountains in winter frost she asks probably for coming back home or warm clothes but doubtfully about your hugs. One more example when Serbian girl informs you she is so tired at work and if she keeps repeating this every day she might giving you hints for spending vacation or weekend together somewhere close to sea or mountains, where you both could have romantic relaxing moments.

To make your Serbian girl like you it is important to be able to make her laugh. Good jokes, sense of humor usually make the whole day of your woman. If the whole day consists of small positive moments then the whole day is positive and days make weeks, weeks make life. So it is important to be able to make your woman smiling, to make her happy. Not less important to use proper jokes at proper moments so not that she thought you are kind of… fool or sick. It is the best to be yourself and behave the way you feel comfortable. If you made Serbian woman smile you are half way to success. If she is smiling at all your jokes even on not funny ones she wants to attract your attention and most probable she really likes you.

If it is going about more serious step and long term relations with Serbian woman and you want her to like you, love you, respect you and always keep close to you than you have to be consequent in your deeds. All your plans have to be step by step converted into actions. By such attitude you will get respect of Serbian woman and show her you are the man she could rely on.

Do Serbian women like rich men? This is interesting question. They rather like realized men, who go to their goal. Such men usually are financially independent. But it is going more about trying to be active, to reach the aim and not as much about money. If man is going to demonstrate his money openly showing this is his main achievement, descent Serbian girl would not pay attention to him.

In general it is very hard and without exaggeration – impossible to find the way to every Serbian woman’s heart. Moreover it is unreal to generalize what all Serbian girls like and what they don’t like and what to do to impress them all. It is more wise having general understanding about Serbian women and act personally taking into consideration features of particular girl with her own individual qualities. Do not think for too long how to act, whether she would like you or not, just take it easy, behave your natural way even if there are some drawbacks in your behavior, relax and you will definitely find Serbian girl who will like you and with whom you are going to find mutual contact.

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