Ukrainian woman hints for relationship – should I try?

Well, in the whole 100% this is only your decision, man. Someone might say by such question you transfer responsibility to someone else. In the case of a harmonious relationship, you probably won’t remember about this text. However, if something goes wrong, you will have someone to blame – even if this is someone you don’t know, someone from the web. But if you need some inspiration, some kick under the *ss – you’re welcome to continue reading my boring stuff.

If you see that a Ukrainian woman sympathizes with you, it means that she likes you. So you have every chance to start a relationship with her. Keep in mind that most Ukrainian women dream of a long-term relationship and choosing a partner for them is often the choice of a man for life.

If you ask „Should I give it a try?” it means that you doubt. That is, something is still wrong. Most often, your doubts mean “no”. That is, you should not date this woman.

You may also not be shy by nature. And here you came across a stunningly beautiful Ukrainian woman on your way and you don’t know what to do next. In such case – go for it. Especially since she herself shows signs of attention to you, so it means that she is interested in you. It will be useful to read our very long but effective article:

If a man really likes a woman, then he has almost no efforts to make to start building a relationship. That’s the truth. She already liked you the way you are, so it will take you a minimum of effort.

Standard walks in the park, going for coffee togehter or a bouquet of flowers for her will make a sensation in her imagination. You will be an even more coveted “prince on a white horse” for her.

The only problem here is that, as a rule, we don’t really like those who like us very much. That is, this Ukrainian woman can show you signs of attention, flirt with you, but you just do not like her. Then it is better to end communication with her. Why not ask her directly about her feelings? After all, if she likes you and you don’t like her, you shouldn’t give her false hopes and illusions.

Maybe you see her as a friend, and she thinks you like her as a woman. It is worth telling her the truth. That would be fair. Ukrainian women have a very rich imagination, and if you went for a coffee together yesterday and walk along the Dnieper embankment today, she can already imagine your joint children and what kind of husband you will be for her.

More often there is another problem. You liked a beautiful Ukrainian woman, but she doesn’t like you. She thinks you’re her friend and you’re trying to get her attention, you’re buying presents and she doesn’t know how to behave. She is embarrassed, uncomfortable and she stops communicating with you. But this is a topic for another article.

If a Ukrainian woman shows signs of attention to you, you should know for sure if this is really the case. Are you sure you didn’t take it wrong? You are sure that these are signs of attention, not friendly communication. But what if she thinks you’re her friend? How to check if this is not a “false alarm”? Maybe you made it all up, but the reality is completely different?

9 things that will help you understand that Ukrainian woman likes you:

  • She’s smiling in your presence
  • She is the first to write to you and call you for a long period of time (more than a month)
  • When you compliment her on her appearance, clothes or figure, she smiles or flirts
  • She laughs at any of your jokes, even stupid and ridiculous
  • She asks you to help with things she could easily do herself, that is, she wants your attention
  • She is jealous of you to other women in her presence (she approaches you, tries to talk, get your attention, or gets offended)
  • She gets close to you, tries to reduce the distance between you (it’s not a hug, but she is in your personal space)
  • If you are at home, she will offer you something to eat (especially if she knows how to cook well)
  • If you accidentally hug her waist, she likes it and she does not take your hand away

7 things that will help you understand that a Ukrainian woman perceives you as a friend:

  • She reacts to your jokes and laughs at them, if they are really funny
  • She can be the first to call or write and quite often, but she just needs emotions, your jokes and communication – nothing more to hope for
  • She behaves selfishly in your presence, for example, can make herself tea and drink it herself (if a Ukrainian woman likes you, she will also offer to make you tea or coffee, ask how many spoons of sugar to add if any and will stir the tea or coffee for you)
  • She does not listen to what you tell her, or listens inattentively
  • She pretends not to hear your compliments
  • She stays far away and does not approach you
  • If you hug her, she’ll take your hand away or just walk away quickly

In such cases, it is better to ask the woman directly if she likes you and if you can have a relationship. If she says no, nothing will happen. This is 95% sureness. Do not believe anyone who says that the woman says so specifically to interest you even more. Don’t hope for 5% left.

If you ask a woman who likes you after at least a month of communication a question “Can we have a relationship?” she is more likely to answer “Let’s see”, “Maybe”, “I think so”, “I guess… we can come up with something”.

Of course, you can believe in the illusion and try again after a while to pay attention to the woman who does not like you, but then you get a sharper answer “no”, a blow to self-esteem and almost complete lack of communication with her on her initiative. Do you need that? No.

How to make sure she doesn’t just want to use you?

It is worth paying attention to such a thing as the selfishness of some women. Knowing that you are a foreigner, many will simply want to use your finances for entertainment and gifts.

Here it is necessary not to be mistaken and not to think badly of really worthy and good Ukrainian woman, and also not to perceive a selfish glutton for love of all life.

12 things that will help check whether the intentions of the Ukrainian woman are sincere?

  • She does not accept even small gifts, or does so reluctantly
  • She categorically does not accept expensive gifts and can even make a real scandal because of it
  • She likes to talk to you on the phone or in the messenger
  • She is balanced in manners
  • She does not dress openly and does not wear outright aggressive makeup
  • She accepts your compliments modestly
  • She likes to talk about different topics
  • She is interested in her own career and life
  • If you offer her to move to your country – she will refuse
  • The circle of communication is important to her, so if she is serious, she will introduce you to her friends
  • After a while she will also want to introduce you to her parents
  • She will not even allow herself to be kissed for a long time

And finally – if you like a Ukrainian woman, and she in turn shows signs of attention to you and you are sure that she does it sincerely and already for a long period of time – give a try your possible relationship with her. In this case there should be less doubts, more active decisions on your side.