A Date with Polish Woman: How it Looks Like?

There are questions that appear when someone asks about dating Polish women. How to behave on a date with Polish girls, what to say, what you shouldn’t ask, what to do if the first date with Polish girl happens, etc. Before a man goes out for a Polish date, there might be many questions he has, so here are some Polish dating tips you can use to help you.

In addition, never date more than one Polish girl at a time. If she finds out, all the relationships will be broken. This tip applies not only to Polish girls, but to girls across the globe.

Don’t expect something completely unreal from Polish girls and your dates as the reality might be more disappointing than what you expect from them.

When it comes to having a serious relationship with a Polish girl, it’s important to keep in mind that she values spending time together. She may not be understanding if you choose to take a break from her during a vacation or spend an entire holiday without her. In her eyes, if you truly like or love her, you should cherish every moment spent together as she does with you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have occasional outings with your male friends, but it’s more about considering the impact of long-term vacations on your relationship.

When having a disagreement with your Polish partner, it’s best to remain calm because both parties are usually at fault. It’s not necessary to always be the first one to apologize, as it can make you seem weak, especially if you’re not the one in the wrong. However, in certain small cases, a simple trick like kissing her unexpectedly might do the trick. Just stay close and surprise her with a quick kiss. This usually works wonders and she’ll be smiling in no time. Plus, it may lead to some passionate moments afterwards. Keep in mind that this approach is more effective when you’ve been together for a while and the issue isn’t something major.

Polish women are not only intelligent and rational, but also know how to make the most of their day. However, this does not mean they enjoy partying constantly. If she chooses to take a break and have fun, it will certainly be an enjoyable time for both of you. On the other hand, when it’s time for more serious matters, allow her the space to focus on them. Keep in mind that your Polish girlfriend may not always want to go out clubbing or to the cinema every weekend. As her partner, it would be beneficial to introduce new and exciting activities such as bike rides, cooking together, hiking or having a home barbecue. You can also plan trips to different places or countries for a change of scenery. Be creative and open-minded – she will appreciate it subconsciously and you will become someone she enjoys spending time with; establishing a strong foundation for a future relationship.

Polish girls like men who are self-confident, who know how to handle a situation, especially the tough ones. But they dislike overconfident guys who think they are the center of the universe.

If you do, forget only about the material aspect. Your Polish girl might enjoy a nice quiet walk in the park, feeding pidgeons or watching the river flow with you. Think broad.

Try to compromise in hard situations, especially if you both have strong personalities. Try to talk about the issue and here you could find the key to solving the issue.

Despite stereotypes, Polish women are not easily accessible. It is important to always treat your girlfriend with respect and avoid feeling ashamed of her in front of your friends. Not doing so could lead to the end of the relationship.

Polish women are not only beautiful but also intelligent and can bring liveliness to any social gathering. They possess knowledge about various topics and make for interesting conversation partners. Be proud of your Polish girlfriend and know that others may envy you. Remember that even when you are quiet, those around you can still sense your mood.

Polish women do not like when man is bragging. You might have problems with Polish women if you act in such a way and have already gotten used to it. Be more modest and do rather than show off.

Spice up your relationship by surprising her with thoughtful gifts, like a bouquet of flowers, at unexpected times. Instead of intentionally planning these gestures, let them happen spontaneously for greater impact. By doing so, you may be pleasantly surprised by the bonuses that come your way.

You would be greatly appreciated if you helped her clean the house, do dishes. If you live separately and you are visiting her home, propose to make dinner together. Bring her coffee to bed more often, but not too often. Balance will be rewarded.

Be more active, from time to time offering outdoor activities, even a forest walk, is a great way to break up the monotony.

If your girlfriend is Polish, you are responsible for things like taking the camera, turning on the GPS, and taking photos if she asks.

Give your Polish girlfriend the chance to drive a car (if she likes it), especially when she wants it; that would be something she would really appreciate.

It is important to be prepared to serve as the Polish girlfriend’s personal psychologist. When she is having problems, give her good advice. Don’t forget to share your problems with her from time to time. Even if she is screaming at the time, she will deeply appreciate your efforts within a short period of time. The Polish woman is an excellent advisor, and she will surely help you find the best solution.

Don’t be pushy, even regarding a French kiss, when dating a Polish girl. Give her some space and in a few dates she will surprise you.

Bring your girlfiend flowers without any reason. Especially her favorites. (Don’t know yet what are her favourite flowers? Shame on you :))

You can buy her a pet for holiday if she likes them, but make sure she has time to care for him. It is serious issue, actually. Because pets could not be treated like toys. One should take properly care of them for very long period of time.

Get dressed stylishly. It doesn’t mean you have to follow the latest trends or buy the most expensive clothes. Polish women prefer men who look good dressed. Don’t wear old clothes like you don’t care. If you are going on a first date with a Polish girl, make sure you look good. Dress up differently depending on the situation.

In any case, do not make fun of her family members. Polish girls are usually religious and are connected to their families. They respect their families and your inappropriate jokes might lead to the end of your relationship.

Do not make fun of her accent or if she has some issues with foreign to her language. Explain to her what’s wrong and be nice and calm teacher. She’ll appreciate it and it may bring you closer together.

When she introduces you to her friends, behave appropriately and have good manners so she won’t feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

It’s also important to find a compromise when it comes to music in the car. Your partner might not enjoy certain music or TV shows.

Don’t forget to change your smelly socks if you used to live alone and now share an apartment with your Polish girlfriend.

If you started dating Polish girls, you should give them enough time, otherwise they’ll get bored and that could lead to a break-up. If you live together, do not feel like you have reached the goal and it may make you feel careless of her. You will finish soon if you switch her to a TV or computer.

If your Polish girlfriend needs time, give it to her. Once she sees that you are serious about her, the next step will come.

Polish girls hate guys who brag a lot. You better show her you are the man by taking action.

Do not forget about Valentines Day. Even if she says she doesn’t care, she does. And if you forget, she’ll remind you, but it would be minus.

If she invites you to her parents’ house, act politely. Do not discuss politics or religion, because these topics often cause arguing and problems. Neutral topics are preferable. Be ready to tell about yourself, what you are doing for a life and what plans for the future you have.

Enjoy your dating, remember it should be light and pleasant process; use our helpful tips; appreciate and take care of your Polish date!