How to organize a Polish-British wedding party in Poland to be successful?

Marriage is usually an important step in your life but before it comes to its conclusion, you need to organize a wedding.

You have to invite guests, organize a wedding party, which becomes a much bigger challenge when one family is from Poland and the other from Great Britain.

Two cultures, two different languages ​​and two different approaches to celebrating this special day.

I know that many young couples have concerns about the organization of the ceremony and wedding, therefore I will share with you their experience in organizing such an event, so that this special day will remain in the memory of your and your guests for a

long time.

How to choose a wedding venue?

How to choose a wedding venueChoosing a place is one of the most important factors that affects the fun and well-being of the participants.

Pay attention to the places your families and friends like. The selection of a place where the service is English-speaking will also be of key importance. Young couples often forget that for guests it is extremely important to not have a problem with communication during the wedding and stay in Poland.

Guest accommodation Guest accommodation is also important, it would be good if they would stay as close to the place of the wedding as possible, and preferably within the same premises.

How to combine two different wedding traditions?

A traditional Polish wedding may surprise every Briton, but it is similar with Poles at English weddings.

While working in England, I attended many weddings and at the beginning I was also surprised at times.

How to combine two different wedding traditions

A perfect solution is to create a “manual” for both weddings in terms of the elements chosen by you and explain to British guests Polish traditions, and Poles to British traditions.

During one of the weddings that I organized, the groom created a website for his guests, on which he made a lot of information about the whole wedding, Polish traditions and even places worth visiting on the occasion of his stay in Poland. A perfect example of a wedding guide for guests.

Write such guides for your guests in two languages, for sure it will allow them to get used to unknown customs.

As for the style of the wedding itself, the open-air version is still a novelty in Poland, while in Great Britain it is very popular.

However, I have not met with Polish wedding guests who would not have been enchanted by the wedding and wedding in the open air.

In this respect, you can put on such a variant, making the British feel at home.

Which menu to choose?

Which menu to choose on British Polish wedding

Eating at a wedding for every Pole is very important, it has to be tasty and a lot.

In England it looks a bit different, usually a three course dinner, and later a buffet dinner, or the buffet itself.

However, from experience I know that guests from the UK like Polish food very much and are happy that there is a lot of it.

The only thing to keep in mind is to prepare a menu in English with a description of the dishes, so that everyone knows what is on the plate.

If you choose the buffet option, the place cards with the names and descriptions of the dishes are perfect.

Is music an important issue?

Is music an important issue It can’t be missed at any wedding, but what to do when combining two cultures?

In Poland at weddings, Disco Polo reigns, which for the British is exotic music, which they do not know and say that it is a bit like cartoons.

When planning your wedding, remember about the choice of a music band or DJ who will lead the party based on the world hits that everyoneknows.

International guests will definitely have fun with them.

Thanks to the guests and speeches during the wedding?

Thanks to the guests and speeches during the weddingIn both Poland and Great Britain, small items on tables are already standard. They can be different: from sweets to small bottles of alcohol, and even soap bubbles.

The latter are more popular in the UK, but it would be an excellent accent to incorporate the British element.

As for the speeches, the British wedding is an inseparable element.

They also appear mostly at Polish-British weddings and I also encourage you to do so.

Just remember to prepare printed translations in advance or if the object is equipped with a projector with a screen, prepare an electronic version.

Another way is to organize a translator who will say the content of the speech, but this version is twice as long as it is carried out.

Summarizing. During the organization of a mixed wedding, try to combine both traditions, but at the same time explaining the principles of both parties, ensuring the comfort of all guests.

Author: Anna Maciejewska

If you have any questions, please contact me:

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