Croatian Woman: Typical Characteristics

She is usually dark haired, with brown eyes and tanned skin – that is what typical stereotype about appearance of Croatian woman says. Is it truth? Of course not, because Croatian women are different. There are tall women and short women and what may be surprising – there are many pale skinned women with blue eyes and blond hair. It all depends on the particular Croatian region the woman lives in – mountains, sea side or middle Croatia. And, of course, on the genetic heritage of particular family.

What can be made as the statement, Croatian women are very pretty. They have Slavic blood and Slavic genome which is considered to be the one with the prettiest women on the Planet. If you can’t associate Croatian woman, think about women from Ukraine, Belarus or Poland – probably, they remind Croatian women the most.

Croatian women are known to have strong Character with Mediterranean ‘accent’. That means these women can always handle the hardest situation, know how to protect themselves and their family. Even though in majority they still consider the man to be the head of the family, in the hard moment they are able to rule the situation and explain him what he has to do if he is unable to cope with difficult situation himself.

Croatian women have great temperament. At the same time many are shy and have a lot to learn in terms of relationship. The verity is somewhere in between. Every Croatian woman has individual peculiarities and that is why she can be very different from her counterparts. Mood of Croatian in general depends on many factors. Such observations where you can say about temperament of Croatian women could be announced only by the man who was in relationships with several women at least for a few years period of time. Only then they will be objective. But it is hard to believe some man would announce such observations, unless he is not interested in it because of some reason.

Croatian women are also different in terms of age. 20+ women are less kept to the traditions and are more open to the world and new horizons. Belonging to EU opens great perspectives for Croatians in terms of work migration, travel and discovering Europe and the world. Older Croatian women are more traditional in their behavior.

There is also difference between Croatian women who live in rural area and those who live in the city. Those who live in big touristic cities are more open to foreign tourist, speak different languages. Rural women are very hospitable, may show traditional Croatian approach to guests and warm and friendly family atmosphere. Croatia is valuable with its people and Croatian women are real treasure of this gorgeous land.