Croatian women are getting married with foreign men

Or vice verse? Maybe guys from all over the world dream of wife of Croatian origin? Some Croatian women do get married with men from other cultures. We are not going to talk why they’re doing this. They have plenty of personal reasons. Instead we’ll talk what attracts foreing men in Croatian women that much. The first what comes up into mind is beauty of Croatian women. Every second woman you meet on Croatian streets is real top model. If you appear in this country you will surely have your mouth widely open because of such strong concentration of beauty per square mile. It is believed that Croatian women are so pretty because of blood mixture of Slavic, Italians and Turks. Who knows? The truth is always somewhere in between.

Talking about marriage with Croatian woman there are some special features. Despite the fact Croatians are Slavs with mixture of Italian and some Eastern nations genes and despite the fact Croatian language belongs to the group of Slavic languages at this point all similarities with Eastern Europe are ending. Croatian society is very modern and is much more under the influence of West than any other Balkan country. Perhaps because of that Croatian women are very emancipated and independent.

If you choose to get married to Croatian woman it is probably because of her beauty, but rarely because of other qualities. Especially such traditional family qualities which Western men appreciate in Eastern Slavic women.

Croatian woman in marriage demands equality and respect. It does not mean she is bad in housekeeping, for example. Sh’es great in it, but she’ll demand division of house chores. She is great mom for her kids, she loves her husband and knows how to cook delicious traditional dishes of Croatian national cuisine which passed from grandma to mother; but she needs division of duties about the house and needs time for personal development and rest.

Croatian women could not be regarded under stereotype of Eastern Slavic women. If you’re Westerner, it may be even more understandable for you. Croatian women are like Western women in behavior, but with brilliant shining appearance. Although they are considered to be emancipated, they still have relatively calm character, deep respect to other personality; they are tactful and in rare cases would yell at someone. If Croatian woman does not like something she would openly announce this, unlike her counterparts from Ukraine or Belarus, for example, who will only give you hints and feel offended for being misunderstood without naming real reason.

In terms of intercultural barrier and cross-cultural communication Croatian woman is the less psychologically traumatic choice for Western man, comparing to other Slavic women. Croatian women are open for Western culture and live in it. They visited the rest of the world a lot because Croatia is member of European Union, but at the same time they know how to combine national and local tradition and that will even impress you more. Croatian wife means beautiful wife and beside rich inner world she would be the subject of envy for other men; with such woman near you would feel proud and your self-esteem will go up.

Croatian wife is the greatest choice life can give to you some day, but you have to keep her safe, defend from difficulties and surround with love and respect.