Serbian women marry foreigners eagerly?

Epmloyees of Serbian registry offices, especially in big cities, state the fact that Serbian women marry foreigners, like crazy, but the Serbian men marry foreign women much less. The most popular among Serbian women candidates for marriage are Greeks and Italians. But there are also grooms from Germany, Norway, India. Though there are not many fiancees from Arabian countries.

What happened to the Serbian women? Is it all about money only? Of course no. Serbian women started to travel the world much more than in previous decades and, consequently, much more acquainted with its various representatives. They connect their lives with foreign men due to many different factors. After all, marriage with a foreigner is an opportunity to start life from scratch, without neighbors, friends and relatives expressing their negative opinion.

Mixed marriage is very often the second mariage for Serbian woman. It means that previously she’s already been married, usually, with local man. That is why all the negative experience of the previous relationship is strongly associated with homeland, no matter how sadly it sounds. Not accidentally, marriages of Serbian women with foreigners, according to statistics are much stronger than the same ones conducted with their compatriots. Only 9 % of Serbian-International marriages are finished with divorce. Woman remains to be woman and it does not depend on geographical region of her inhabitance.

As for the difference in mentality, language and religion, women are much easier to accept the new conditions of life, and, overall, any marriage is a long process of “ointment” to each other and endless series of concessions. Yet, one thing that distinguishes the Serbian brides from foreign ones is they almost never change their maiden name, as a last resort, take the double.

Serbian men call their compatriots who marry foreigners money hunters or complain for too high demands of Serbian women towards Serbian men. Serbian women prove there is nothing like they say, according to them it is more that Serbian men went indecisive themselves.

So, according to the fact, if you you are foreigner who is looking not only for dating but possibly wants to marry Serbian woman, it is high time for you to do it now.