Are Croatian women eager to marry Americans?

For some reason many foreign men think that Croatian women are waiting for relationships with them. Why do they assume so? Croatia is not poor country where women are in need for money. Croatia is in European Union and foreign tourists come here and leave here plenty of Euros. Many Croatian families have business connected with tourism and foreign tourists. Croatian resorts are quite expensive and not affordable for many average Europeans. That all means Croatians have money and earn them well.

The fact that Croatia is in EU gives perspectives to new generation of Croatians. If Croatian woman assumes she earns not enough at home she would find out how to find work in the U.K. or Germany, for example, but she has enough dignity and enough intelligence to find well paid work abroad. Croatian women do not have need to seek for foreign grooms for objective reasons.

Croatian women know they are pretty and know that they attract men. Being smart enough some Croatian women would rather use beauty to attract foreigner as potential husband. This is true only in case with some Croatian women, but is not widespread.

We can’t say you will succeed if you come to Croatia and start irritating local women with marriage proposals. You will get to the police office, for sure. Or you will have problems with her boyfriend or husband. Remember there are not only local women, but many tourists from different countries of the world and you may even be accused in harassment for such behavior.

Our advice is to respect yourself, first of all. If your attitude towards women is like described above, you rather remind mammal type animal than human being. Real man knows approach to almost every woman and is able to interest woman not only with money and national belonging aka foreign passport. Be wise, more often think of yourself or your close relatives being at the place of those Croatian women whom you are offering spontaneous marriage.

Of course, we can’t say all Croatian women are etalons of morality. But it is wrong approach to associate whole country with some stereotypes. There are all kinds of women in Croatia as well as in your home country. Be wise, love people and respect yourself.