Characteristics of typical Uruguayan woman

Uruguay cannot boast with totally pretty women especially those who are over 30, that is why most of the pretties you will find in Uruguay are about the age of 20 or younger. Actually, girls in Uruguay are like scraping flowers: there some very pretty but it is hard to enjoy this beauty for a long time.

Because the beauty of Uruguay girls could be called short-term beauty, it is very important for most of young girls to find a boyfriend who could quickly become husband. How do they make it? With the help of sex and its breakdowns – children. Because not only young time beauty but also body shape and slim figure has short time life girls in Uruguay are fiancé hunters in some understanding of this word. As foreigner you could be the candidate.

Typical for women from Uruguay is living in relations with man: often in marriage or civil marriage – it doesn’t really matter. They are trying to create solid relationship while they are young and pretty and still can make man get interested in them.

Typical feature for women from Uruguay is that they have nice big butt and they are really proud of it. For foreign man it could seem “too much”, but locals like it. Often you can see girl with the slim figure, but very big butt. The ban thing that is typical for Uruguayan women is that with gaining in age most of them are gaining with weight and not only their butt gets bigger, but the other parts of the body as well. It’s a pity within the time not only body gets not pretty, but the face as well. No surprise Uruguayan women are trying to get married as fast as possible, because after they bare few kids a man has no way to escape. In about 100% children are staying with mother after divorce. If the husband does not pay alimony, then the alimony is paid by his parents. All the jointly hire property goes to the wife and children; husband gets nothing and mostly because of that fact divorces are very rare thing in Uruguay.

It is not that women in Uruguay are lazy, but they are not like typical Eastern European housewife who likes doing stuff about the house. Women in Uruguay are not overloaded by house duties thanks to their men who are enterprising and caring fathers, will do most of the house duties like house cleaning, doing laundry, will spend time playing with children and prepare food.

If to describe typical Uruguayan women in her 40’s her “duties” would be like: bare children, drink mate and relaxing by chats with the same friends.

By the way, betrayal is not common in Uruguay mostly due to the fact prostitution is legal in Uruguay and local men using this service often if the wife is not in a good mood. We are not thinking about moral aspects here, but if the wife is not that pretty and what is more – if she does not like to go to bad with the husband he will surely find the solution. Although, the “solution” might be not attractive at all, having lots of extra kilos.

Maybe typical woman from Uruguay is not that pretty and a little lazy, she is still in the center of the family. Husband in such family has to work hard, but his family always remains stable and reliable. Wife and children are making sense of life for typical Uruguayan man and that is how harmony and peace become driving force of typical family from Uruguay. As you see, women in Uruguay are very specific to some extent, but they are king, generous, peaceful and family oriented, though they are not going to be perfect housewives doing all the house duties; women in Uruguay got used to have big families with many kids.

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