Characteristics of typical Uruguayan woman

Uruguayan women are full of optimism and vitality. Most are smiling, tender and talkative. They rarely quarrel and almost never scandal. It is impossible to say that all the women you meet in Uruguay will have a model appearance, but of some of them you’ll definitely not be able to look away.

Uruguayan women have interesting features that are often noticed by foreigners. In general, they are cute, slender and often have not only Latin temperament, but also well known Latin body features.

Are Uruguayan – foreign families strong? As a rule, yes. Although here as always – all is rather individuall. How about divorces? Divorces are rare. In about 100% c are staying with mother after divorce.

If the husband does not pay alimony, then the alimony is paid by his parents. All the joint property goes to the wife and c. Husband gets nothing and mostly because of that fact divorces are very rare thing in Uruguay.

Women in Uruguay usually are not doing much of house chores. This is due to tranquilo life filosophy and partially thanks to their men who are enterprising and caring fathers.

Men very often help their wives by the house with cleaning, doing laundry, eagerly will spend time playing with cand preparing food for the whole family. Uruguayan women are still brought up in a traditional style of behavior which is characterized by patriarchal consciousness.

This means that the woman pays more attention to the upbringing of c and the order and comfort at home. However, all this happens in a specific Uruguayan style. Slow, thoughtful, wise and relaxing.

What will you do most often together with an Uruguayan woman? You’ll drink mate! Yerba mate is a drink which reminds tea. Traditionally, it is drunk through a special straw.

The mate is poured into a pot made of pumpkin and recently made of ceramics or even plastic. The drink ‘warms up’ nervous system and has antioxidant effect. Drinking mate together means equality and friendship.

Women in Uruguay after 40 are very fond of social networking with friends. As an alternative to a monitor or smartphone screen, they choose to gather with friends for drinking… mate. They also often help c babysit their grandc.

In Uruguay, in most cases, women and men remain faithful to one another. Even if there are some exceptions, then, as a rule, no one guesses.

Foreigners who come to Uruguay for just a few days do not understand the essence of Uruguayan people and women. Not understanding the term tranquilo, and more often not realizing that it is not just a term, but a specific philosophy of life, they find local women lazy and emotionless. This is a misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Local women are great personalities who are fun to interact with, make friends with, and marry. They are just specific to the typical American or European. In the West, civilization is in a constant race for everyday needs, and people are getting sick due to stress and emotional burnout.

For many of us, it is worth learning about reasonable lifestyle of Uruguayan women who look not only beautiful but also satisfied with their lives.