Characteristics of Peruvian men

It is worth remembering that it is wrong to make stereotypes. All people are different, regardless of country of residence. So if someone will talk about their negative experience with the Peruvian, do not think that you will have the same.

It works both ways. If someone met a man from Peru and he turned out to be an interesting person, a great boyfriend and an unsurpassed man, it does not mean that you will have the same. It is not good practice to generalize, although it is possible to describe different types of men whom you can meet in Peru. They have both positive and negative sides. Most of the described features can be inherent in any man in the world. However, there will be those which specifically characterize certain social groups of men in Peru. Or not just social groups, but just similar traits, patterns of behavior and hobbies despite different social status, origin, upbringing, place of residence, and so on. Not all, but a lot of them. If a woman wants to start a conversation with a Peruvian man, soccer can be a good pretext. Just ask what team he supports.

Peruvian men love soccer

People love when someone is interested in what interests them. That’s how we are arranged. Before you start talking to a Peruvian man about soccer, you should ask about the history of football in Peru, what teams exist here, and so on. Using this simple trick you will arouse the interest of many men in this country and they will be interested in having a conversation with you. However, this topic should be interesting for you too. If you’re not into football at all, just ask him why so many men in Peru love the sport. Remember, too, that not all men love soccer. This also applies to men in Peru. But in any case, this is a good reason to start a conversation. At least not as banal as talking about the weather.


Most men in Peru love their culture. They are proud to be representatives of Peru. However, this love is twofold, like any love. There is a saying that from love to hate there’s only one step. In the case of Peruvian men, this is expressed in their frequent complaints about the government, the country and society. That is, on the one hand, they can show foreigners how much they love their culture, blame someone else for their problems, but only they are allowed to do so. If you start saying something like that, they will definitely start arguing with you and proving that Peru is a beautiful and underestimated country.

Do Peruvian men know English?

In large cities, Peruvian men working in tourism know at least basic English (or on better level). Knowledge of English also depends on education and profession as well as on the place. In small towns and remote from big cities areas, it is usually difficult to find a person who speaks descent English. Therefore, it is better to learn Spanish yourself.

How do Peruvian men treat foreign women?

Some believe that foreign women have lost their moral values and only want to satisfy basic instincts. Therefore, many Peruvian men do not consider foreign women as wives, but try to take advantage of the situation and meet own needs – financial or other. If you also came here (or are planning) not for marriage, then this is a kind of fair play. But be careful, this is a different country and culture, so before you trust a Peruvian, make sure in all possible ways that he is reliable enough.

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Peruvian men do not always have a bad opinion of foreign women, but cultural and mental differences can lead to misinterpretation by local men of your behavior if you are a foreigner. This applies to clothes, places you visit, how you behave, and so on. What is normal for a woman in the West in Peru can often be understood wrong, especially in small communities. So you should learn more about clothes, behavior, restaurants and other places and pecularities of behavior in Peru.

Inadequate behavior

If you have an unusual appearance for Peru, be prepared for various manifestations of machismo. Whistles, flirtations, shouts and obscene proposals can often be heard in your address. Do not pay attention, do not react, do not argue. The best way is to ignore such cases from some locals. Some foreign women complain that Peruvian men like to swear. They do this often and it can be quite annoying.

Short stature

Comparing with average American or European man, Peruvian men are shorter. Many tall American women would be higher than potential Peruvian partner. For some ladies (as well as for some Peruvian guys) it might be a problem.

Are peruvian men good husbands?

It depends. But most of them are if they marry foreign woman. They understand perfectly what cultural differences are and if they decide to marry a woman from another country, they will try to please her. That is, if you have mutual understanding, tolerance for another culture and harmony, a Peruvian man might be a wonderful husband.

They are controlling

Since men in Peru are always in charge of the family, it might be hard to get used to it. Actually, most of American women never get used to such kind of stuff. Instead they are trying to change their Peruvian husband and many succeed in this. Although it’s not a quick decision, it takes time, patience and most importantly – a man must also have a desire to change his “settings by default”.

Most of Peruvian men are strong

Peruvian men have high physical endurance. They work a lot, and for this they need to have good physical qualities. Most of the work many of them do is physical work, and they get used to work quite early. What may seem like an unbearable monotonous routine to a Western man is commonplace for a Peruvian. They do not whine, do not cry and most are hard working.


Most men in Peru are confident. This is one of the main factors that attracts women. Peruvian men are used to achieving their goals, they know that you can often rely only on yourself. That is why they confidently achieve their goals, including goals in dating women.


Foreign women who are married to Peruvians almost all in one voice declare that they are unsurpassed in love affairs. And regardless of what mood they are in.

Good friend

They do not trust strangers very much. The same applies to foreigners. But they understand people well and are good born psychologists. If your intentions are pure and you are an open person, you have every chance to become a friend of the Peruvian. If a Peruvian man recognizes you as a friend, it’s worth it. It is difficult to gain such trust in a foreigner. However, if this happens, know that he will always help you in any situation.

Are Peruvian men good drivers?

Yes. At least the one I met was just perfect. He drove so skilfully on a mountain serpentine that it seemed like shooting an extreme movie. And most importantly, sitting on the side and looking at the abyss, you still feel inner peace. I assume, not everyone in Peru is such a great driver, but the one I’ve met definitely was.

Peruvian men love national cuisine

If you have met a wonderful man from Peru, you have a great relationship and you are thinking about becoming his wife, you should learn how to cook the main national dishes of Peruvian cuisine. Peruvian men are big chauvinists when it comes to national dishes and cuisine of their country. So here you really have to try to please. By the way, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other better. Ask a Peruvian man to cook lunch or a meal together. Let him teach you to cook what he likes. Some even say that the path to a man’s heart lies through his stomach.

The soul of the company

This is difficult to understand if you do not understand Spanish at an advanced level. However Peruvian guys might be very funny. Many of them like to joke and have a great sense of humor. Although it’s often hard to understand for foreigner. But if you hang out with Peruvians for quite a long time, you’ll get what I mean.

They like to communicate

Not everyone, but most of them like to communicate and ask a lot of questions. Especially if you are a foreigner and you have met before. That is, at first they stay a little aside, but over time they open up and begin to take an intense curiosity in everything related to your culture.


It all depends on the origin. As you probably already know, many people in Peru have mixed blood. Many have facial features and postures dominated by Inca genes. There are mixed types of descendants of Spaniards and local tribes and peoples. There are mixed between mixed. There is also a strong influence of Asian blood. If you prefer men with a European appearance, you are unlikely to like Peruvian men. Although if you are looking for something exotic and unusual, then this country and its male representatives can be a wonderful experience and adventure for you.

Attitudes of Peruvian men to women

It should be understood here that Peruvian men treat foreign women and local women differently. Their attitude towards a foreign woman will usually be quite gallant, with a set of gentlemanly behavior and an attempt to impress. Peruvian guys are musculine and have not lost the traditional features of a strong man. Along with trying to impress a woman, they are very charming and cute. But this is only if he liked you and he wants something more than meeting you.

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Yes, some men in Peru are quite mercantile and do not mind taking advantage of your status as a foreign wwoman in a certain way. If your goals intersect, then you can have a great acquaintance. However, one should not think that all men in Peru are mercantile and soulless. There are many beautiful, erudite and sensitive personalities among them who can give a woman real care, protection and passionate love.

Attitude towards local women aka local counterparts

Having vividly patriarchal society, it is not surprising that a Peruvian husband plays breadwinner’s role in the family and expects his wife to perform his traditional duties. That is, in his understanding, she must cook, take care of children and do numerous house chores. While he has to provide for the family financially. However, there are those who sit at home and do nothing, requiring the wife to properly perform everything described above. In fairness, it is important to note that such men are not limited to Peru.


Don’t be afraid to start a relationship with a Peruvian man if there is a chance. It might be great experience. Often relationships of foreign women and Peruvian men lead to marriage. Peruvian man often makes concessions with his foreign wife and helps her with the housework, prepares food, and so on. That is, respecting your culture, he learns to behave the same way men in your country do. Although there are cases when such pleasant behavior changes over the years. This should also be borne in mind.