Characteristics of typical Serbian woman

The special created by Mother Nature mixture of Slavic genes along with genes of all Mediterranean peoples, as well as genes of some other nationalities that were melting for the centuries and created women of unbelievable beauty, intelligence and behavior. General opinion about Serbian women tells they have tanned skin, slim figure and long hair. It might be partially true, but only in some cases. There are many other women in Serbia with different from described above appearance.

In terms of character many Serbian women, along with other Slavs, are representatives of genuine femininity. While the rest of the world demands equal rights for men and women, many Slavic women in general, and many Serbian in particular, preserve the world from disappearance. Maybe with help of globalization trends our Earth is fighting with overpopulation? Who knows… The vivid fact is: men and women are different and they cannot be totally equal. They can have equal rights in the society, which is great, but they can’t be equal in terms of many other aspects. This is subjective opinion, so I apolodgize if this may touch someone’s feelings. Men are usually better in one field and women are usually better in the other. But if to make them artificially equal in everything, if women will lost their natural femininity, men would lost possibility and wish to breed and human existence might be under the thread of disappearance. Maybe you consider I am biased, but this is just my personal opinion.

Serbian women are perfect combination of beauty and intellect. But they are not only pretty with this clear facial features, dark hair and brown eyes, but also possess feminine energy they share with men they love. Serbian women keep to the traditions and Balkans are known by such an attitude. What is good about Serbian women, that almost all of them hope to have long term relationship and ideally – lifetime marriage. Average Serbian woman expects you to date her for some time, to spend time together and if she is sure you are serious about her and your common relationship, she will hope for your proposal.

As was already mentioned, Serbian women are very warm in character, feminine and kind. If you are foreign tourist, it could be easy for you to start a conversation in English and after get her phone number. But if she agreed to go for a date after your call, be prepared she is already thinking of future relationship. More rarely she is just interested to have a date with foreigner, as it is new and unusual experience to her.

Do Serbian women make good wives? They do and this fact is true. Serbian women are chosen to be desirable wives as they are not only pretty, but kind, intelligent and have special caring attitude to family values. Serbian wife, unlike any other woman, puts family on the top, over career and often even over her personal wishes. To say more correct, having own happy family is the best wish of Serbian woman but not the wish to be in charge of some company. Serbian wife takes care of children, educates them and brings them up. She is willing to support her husband. She takes care of the house, rarely asking husband for help, and if he helps, she really appreciates that. She is caring mother, good wife, good advisor and just wise woman. This list could be much longer as it is hard to overrate how good Serbian women are in general and being a wives in particular.