How many marriages are allowed in Ukraine?

In Ukraine a person can be married to one person at the same time, as long as marriage must be registered with the state authorities. There is no limit on the number of marriages a person can have, but each next marriage can be concluded only when previous has ended-up in official way (divorce, death of one of the spouses etc.).

The current law on marriage in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the current law on marriage states that a person can only be married to one other person at a time. Ukraine is single marriage country. This means that if you are currently married, you would need to get divorced before being able to marry someone else. You are also not allowed to marry someone who is already married. If you do so, your marriage will not be considered legal and will not be recognized by the government.

The history of the law on marriage in Ukraine

The law on marriage in Ukraine has a long and complicated history. The current law, which was enacted in 2003, is based on the Soviet-era Family Code of 1960. This code, which was modeled on the German Civil Code of 1876, allowed for single marriage marriage and divorce by mutual consent.

In 1997, parliament amended the law, this time making it more difficult to obtain a divorce by mutual consent. The amendment required that both spouses appear before a judge and state their reasons for wanting a divorce. This change was made in an effort to reduce the number of divorces in Ukraine.

The most recent change to the law came in 2003, when parliament enacted a new Family Code. This code abolished divorce by mutual consent altogether and introduced a waiting period for divorced couples who want to remarry. The waiting period is one year for couples with minor children and six months for couples without children.

Why the law on marriage was changed

In Ukraine, the law on marriage was changed in order to allow more than one marriage. This change was made in response to the high divorce rate in the country. The new law allows couples to get married more than once, as long as they divorce their previous spouse before getting married again. This change has been criticized by some, who argue that it will lead to more divorces. However, proponents of the change argue that it will allow couples to have more than one chance at a happy marriage.

How many marriages are allowed under the current law

Under the current law in Ukraine, only one marriage is allowed. If a person wants to get married again, they must first divorce their current spouse. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. If a person’s spouse has died, they are allowed to remarry without getting a divorce first. Additionally, if a person’s spouse is missing and presumed dead, they may also remarry without getting a divorce first.

What are the consequences of violating the law on marriage in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the legal consequences for violating the law on marriage are not well established. However, if a person is found to have married more than once, they may be subject to criminal charges. The punishment for this crime is typically a fine or imprisonment for up to two years. Additionally, the person’s marriages may be annulled and they may be barred from remarrying in the future.


In Ukraine, the law allows for multiple marriages but only if the previous marriage was annulled or ended in divorce. This means that if you are already married and wish to marry again, you must first dissolve your previous marriage. While polygamy is technically illegal, it is not punishable by law, Ukraine has never been a polygamous country. Based on traditional values, it was believed that a couple marries, imitating swans – once and for life. Of course, in modern realities this does not always happen, but most Ukrainians dream of marrying one loved one once and for life. Ukrainian law protects these traditional values.