How do you compliment someone in Ukrainian?

In the Ukrainian language, there are a few different ways to compliment someone. Here are a few of the most common phrases you can use to make someone feel good about themselves:

  • Ти дуже красива(applies to women) English translation: You are very beautiful How to say: /Ty duzhe krasyva/
  • Ти дуже красивий (applies to men) English translation: You are very handsome How to say: /Ty duzhe krasyvyi/
  • В тебе потрясна фігура! English translation: You have an amazing figure! How to say: /V tebe potriasna fihura/
  • Мені подобається твій стиль English translation: I like your style How to say: /Meni podobaietsia tvii styl/
  • Ти виглядаєш дуже вишукано English translation: You look very elegant How to say: /Ty vyhliadaiesh duzhe vyshukano/
  • Ти прекрасна жінка English translation: You are a beautiful woman How to say: /Ty prekrasna zhinka/
  • Ти чудова мама English translation: You’re a great mom How to say: /Ty chudova mama/
  • Ти суперовий друг English translation: You’re a great friend How to say: /Ty superovyi druh/
  • Ти надзвичайна людина English translation: You are an extraordinary person How to say: /Ty nadzvychaina liudyna/
  • Ти найрозумніша людина яку я зустрічав English translation: You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met How to say: /Ty nairozumnisha liudyna yaku ya zustrichav/
  • Ти надзвичайне поєднання розуму і краси English translation: You are an extraordinary combination of intelligence and beauty How to say: /Ty nadzvychaine poiednannia rozumu i krasy/
  • Твоя фігура зводить мене з розуму English translation: Your figure drives me crazy How to say: /Tvoia fihura zvodyt mene z rozumu/

The Power of Compliments

In Ukraine, compliments are given frequently and with great sincerity. They are seen as a way to show appreciation for someone else.

Compliments are often given for things like a job well done, or for being a good friend. They can also be given for physical appearance, or for having a nice smile.

Ukrainians typically avoid giving compliments that could be seen as insincere, so it is important to choose your words carefully. If you give a compliment that is not genuine, it will likely be taken as an insult.

When giving a compliment in Ukrainian, it is important to be specific. For example, instead of simply saying “you’re beautiful,” you might say “you have such lovely eyes.” This shows that you have taken the time to notice the person’s individual qualities, and that you appreciate them for who they are.

How to Compliment Someone in Ukrainian

In Ukrainian, there are a few different ways to compliment someone. One way is to say “Ви чудово виглядаєте!” which means “You look great!” Another way to say this would be “Ви дуже привабливі!” which means “You’re very attractive!” If you want to say something like “You’re so beautiful!” in Ukrainian, you would say “Ти така гарна!”. To say “You’re so handsome!” in Ukrainian, you would say “Ти такий красивий!” and applies to a man.

Compliments for Men

In Ukrainian, there are a few different ways that you can compliment someone. For example, you could say “Ти дуже гарний” to a man, which means “You’re very handsome.”

Another way to compliment a man in Ukrainian is to say “У тебе чудовий сміх” which means “You have a great laugh.” This is a great way to let someone know that you enjoy their company and find them amusing.

If you want to compliment a man on his intelligence or his wit, you could say “Ти дуже розумний” or “У тебе тонкий розум”. These phrases both mean “You’re very smart.”

And of course, sometimes the simplest compliments are the best. If you just want to tell someone that you think they’re attractive, you can say “Ти просто гарний” or “Ти просто класний”. Both of these phrases mean “You’re simply gorgeous/beautiful/cool”.

Compliments for Women

There are many different ways to compliment a woman in Ukrainian. Here are just a few simple examples:

Ти прекрасна! – You’re beautiful!

Твої очі сяють! – Your eyes are sparkling!

У тебе чудова фігура! – You have a great figure!

Ти смілива, красива і унікальна! – You’re brave, beautiful, and unique!