Why Americans like to choose Latvian women for wives

As for now, life gives us a lot of challenges every day. We act, we do, we work, we challenge. Sometimes it reminds racing where there is no end, no finish. We struggle everyday routine and we are forced to do more. We are forced at school, then – at the college, and later at work and even at home. We rarely have time for self education and for opening something new, because we either have no time or are just way too tired.

Look at most of work announcements where it is written – we offer challenging work full of goals in temperate atmosphere. And what if I don’t need any challenging job? What if I am tired of that? If to rephrase, the announcement would sound like: we offer you really stressful work, where you will have to work under the pressure of time and will have to deal with deadline, so live in stress. In addition, this work usually would not be rewarded properly, you will have no time for family and yourself, but instead you will probably have depression, need for psychologist and stress, stress, stress… You will ask – What common this all has to do with Latvian women? I will explain.

To rephrase in short, modern man is tired of everyday stress. He has no time to renew his nervous system as he lives in everyday pressure under the burden of compulsories and obligations called loans, credits, earning money, raising children in some cases. Life of such average man is usually pointless and has one aim – to survive till Friday and visit a bar and so on.

And how descent man’s life should look like? He should have healthy relationship!

If at the end of the hard working day pretty woman meets you on the doorstep, smiling and calling for dinner she prepared herself – this changes the situation, doesn’t it?

During the dinner she will ask you how are you, how was your working day. After listening carefully to all your problems she would give you some good advice. In such reality a man feels he is needed and his wife cares of him. What could be better?

It is great to have such stimulus and support as Latvian woman, no matter whether she is your wife, girlfriend or beloved woman you live with.

With such woman a man has the aim in his life, no matter even if they live together for a long time or not. And if in the future they both decide to give this world successors – it would be based on the institutions of traditional family, which are still strong in Latvia.

Latvian woman is the main “builder” within terms of international family. She tries to give support and rules the life in the family, but ruling slightly, without showing her prior status in the family, without pretending to be the head in the family.

It is rather rare to observe it today in average American family, where equality of duties and rights sometimes borders with an absurd. Very often average American man does not feel stability and it happens sometimes that in the family he loses his historical role of breadwinner.

Men become more feminine, women become more masculine, doing men’s duties, and as the result we see misbalanced society where husband is not happy with his family role, where husband does not want to come back home, where friends, drinks and bars substitute the man real family and aim of his life to live in harmony.

Latvian wife has possibility to help man to open his real potential in natural way throughout family life. Traditional family life was formed for ages of human history and got changed in the middle of 20th century. Now the nature wants to get everything back on right places and through disaffection and irritation of men it shows something is not right.

Law of energy conservation works without any doubt in every sphere of life. Where the balance is destroyed in some way – unknown powers will surely fix it the way they know – quickly and effectively at the lowest energy cost.

Desire of many American men to find balance by marriage with Latvian or other foreign women is natural. It is aimed to create harmony and help man to find balance in family and in his own life. To have reason to wake up in the morning and go to work the next day with enthusiasm full of power and positive energy.

Is it popular for Americans to choose Latvian women for wives?

Latvian women actually become more popular as perfect future wives. Why Latvian women are good option for Americans? There are almost no American who would never heard about pretty Slavic women. Although, the word ‘Slavic‘ is often associated with Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and maybe Moldova , it is rarely used in connotation with Baltic countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Although these countries are geographically situated on the East of Europe, but have its own peculiarities.

By the way, Baltic countries were the only under pressure forced to enter former Soviet Union (if not to count some parts of Ukraine). Today all 3 Baltic states are members of European Union. Such will and entity of people who live there determines their European outlook and therefore makes easily for American to find mentally close wife from Europe, who shares Western values of life and at the same time has possible Slavic roots which makes them especially attractive.

Latvian wife is also good option for American because she does not need to solve any formalities with visa to enter the USA. By the way, because of that many Latvian women visit the USA as labor migrants, so there is high chance to find Latvian woman in the US without making visit to Latvia.

If you are looking for the reason why Latvian women are popular wives among Americans you still better to visit this country to understand. Just when you are walking down the streets of Latvian cities you see this reason. The first and the main reason which attracted men for ages is beauty and this quality is vivid in Latvia everywhere.

It is also popular for Americans to choose wife from Latvia because new Latvian generation is deeply involved in studying foreign languages. Learning English is very important for Latvians as many of them dream to move to the West for permanent living. They know well that English is ultimate basis for fulfillment of their future plans. That is why getting acquainted with Latvian who might become future wife is not that hard for American unlike if he would go, for example, to Ukraine where it is very hard to find descent woman who speaks fluent English.

Yes, it is true that many Americans choose Latvia as destination for finding pretty wife because there are some Latvian women who are looking for foreigners from rich countries to marry. But you DON’T have to think ALL Latvian women dream about such ‘marriage with the country‘. Unfair to treat all Latvian women like that.

Many American men buy cheap flights to Latvia to visit this country as tourists, but being there they feel unique tranquil atmosphere of Baltic. Surrounded with pretty women on the streets, in the stores and so in everyday life – they often choose to stay in this country for longer. Because of this, they are getting involved into local life, understand mentality of local Latvian people better within every day of stay and, of course, are getting acquainted with local women.

In such a way Americans are starting relationships with Latvian women. Comes the time when they can’t imagine their life without pretty Kristīne, Inese or Inga. The next logical step which comes within short period of time is marriage of American man and Latvian woman.

Is it true Latvian women are eager to marry foreigners?

According to the research made by Latvian University, one third of Latvians who went abroad are not going ever to come back to their home country. Official statistics of Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says about 370,000 ex-Latvians are living outside their homeland. Why Latvians are leaving?

Most respondents could not name either one reason or to isolate the main reason for the departure. 70% of respondents have named economic reasons. First of all, Latvians are attracted by higher salary and greater probability of finding a job abroad.

Judging from the statistics, there are many Latvian women who went abroad for permanent living and it is logical that they are going to assimilate within society of foreign country. Marriage with foreigner is one of possible ways of assimilation.

Many Latvian women work and study abroad. They are getting acquainted with locals, make new friends abroad, have many things to share and it is normal many Latvian women are into serious relationship with German, American or U.K. men. This is the way globalization influences Latvia, just the same way as it influences other Central European countries. By the way, this is only one way of influence out of many.

Some Latvian women eagerly marry foreigners because they already live in foreign country and it is natural they find there love and build common future. If to think about the reasons why Latvian women choose marriage abroad – there are many of them.

The first reason is that living in particular country you have your sphere of personal interests there. Personal interests include work, self-development, social realization and, of course, relationship and love.

One more important reason would be higher social security abroad. Every third Latvian who left the country during the crisis names it. Many Latvian women leave the country and use marriage with foreigner as the way out for non-economic reasons like dissatisfaction with the political situation, the quality of life and dim prospects for the future of own state.

More than half of Latvian immigrants believe that overseas life is of much better quality. But we cannot say Latvian women are mercantile and move abroad only for better life and money.

There is the third reason for moving abroad and every third Latvian named it. This is desire to develop yourself, to develop professional skills and desire to see something new, as well as dreams to open the world. Maybe this reason is not as common, but very important among others. Who are those people naming these reasons?

First of all, those new age Latvians who need some prospects. This is often capable people with high self-esteem, who feel that Latvian horizons are smallish for them.

What problems for Latvia may cause the fact that many Latvian women are leaving abroad and after marriage with foreigner would never come back to Latvia again?

Unfortunately, people with the highest demographic potential are the main group which is willing to leave. The second group is single mothers.

According to a survey provided way back in 2012 among residents of Riga who are planning to leave, there are much more of those who are planning to have children in the next three years. This means that in the future Latvia would catastrophically need people who would build the country and make it prosperous. Those could be Latvian expats who are eager to come back to big motherland or immigrants from another countries who are ready to substitute Latvians who’d left the country forever.

The reasons why Latvian women marry foreign men and move abroad are clear and understandable. When living abroad, single mothers from Latvia are expecting for more social support. Many parents agree on any difficulty to assimilate abroad, as long as their offspring’s life was easier and happier than their own.

Actually, much more women from Latvia than men are leaving the country forever. Their present and future progeny, for the most part, automatically will find themselves abroad. They will be citizens of other countries.

Summarizing, Latvian women are leaving their homeland for abroad for personal, economical and even geopolitical reasons. The main aim is to rise up successors in more socially secured society in order to provide them better future. Among with this reason, there are many other like willing to open new horizons, self-development, considering life in Latvia boring and stuff.

As one of possible ways to move abroad is marriage of Latvian woman with a foreigner (a citizen of the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Norway etc). However, it is NOT massive fact and one should not make stereotypes about it. There are Latvian women who would move abroad after marriage with foreigner, there are those who would prefer to stay in their home country. If you would like to marry Latvian woman, you better visit this beautiful country first and only then start to make plans about future marriage.

Good to know in case you decided to marry Latvian

To marry a foreign citizen you will need a number of certain documents.

Law of the Republic of Latvia (LR) provides that the state registration of marriage takes place in any department in the civil registry (Registry Office, dzimtsarakstu nodala) or the church.

Denominations under the Civil Law have right to conduct marriage in the country. The date and the establishment the person is entering into a marriage are determined independently.

Marriage with a foreign citizen on the territory of Latvia is possible if the other party is a citizen/non-citizen or a foreigner granted permanent/temporary residence in Latvia. A person wishing to enter into marriage may be over 16, but with the proviso that only one of spouses is under the age of 18 years-old. For the person who has not attained the age of 18 the state requires the consent of a parent or person who has holds the parental duties.

An application for marriage is signed and sent together. Newlyweds can choose last name, staying each on their own, or move to the name of the husband or wife.

Marriage in Latvia – the necessary documents:

  • A valid passport;
  • A document of divorce, if both or one of wanting to get married is divorced;
  • Сertifying document of death of a spouse (for widows or widowers);
  • A document on the legal capacity of marriage (1);
  • A document from the “Agency of the state language” (2);
  • Marriage application;
  • Payment of the state fee

The documents that are available in any foreign language, in addition have to be provided with a certified translation of a sworn notary and legalized, if necessary.

1) Information about the fact that there are no impediments to the marriage may be issued by the competent authorities at the place of residence of the foreigner or consular authorities of that State abroad. If any state does not issue the required certificates, Latvian court may exempt a foreign national from the obligation of presentation of the document.

2) Help needed alien’s name and last name were entered in the register of inhabitants without controversy and subsequent updates, the registrar must submit a certificate from the Information Department “State Language Agency” how to spell the name and surname of the foreigner. Writing carried out respecting the Latvian transcription.

Interesting facts about Latvians and marriage

According to statistics, inhabitants of Latvia are in no hurry to get married. Every second marriage ends up with divorse. Latvian residents later and later conduct their first marriage, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO).

According to recent statistics, lately the average age of Latvian men first married was 30.8 years and the average age of women – 28.7 years. Ten years ago the average age of men at first marriage was 27.7 years and women – 25.5 years.

Over the years remains virtually unchanged statistics of divorce: almost every second marriage breaks up. In 2005, for every thousand inhabitants it was made 5.6 marriages and 2.8 marriages were annulled. In 2014, for every thousand inhabitants it was made 6.3 marriages and 3.1 marriages were annulled.

Why Latvian women are popular as international wives?

Choosing future bride is complicated process. It is going not only about marriage as serious step in life and whether man is ready for that or no. It is also going about the fact that choosing Latvian bride assumes international marriage and it is peculiar as well.

Although, all the main traditions of marriage ceremony in Europe and the rest of the world are the same, marriage with woman from Latvia will surely have its own special features and you, as a foreigner, may be not sure whether to choose Latvian woman for future wife or not. Aiming to help you, we’ll briefly describe why Latvian women are great brides and why they are so popular among Americans and Europeans.

Latvian brides deserve your attention at least by the simple fact they are pretty. No matter what people say, including stuff like ‘kind soul’ and ‘kind heart’, the main and the first feature by which men choose a woman is appearance.

If woman is pretty, she has all chances to become wished and desirable bride. And Latvian women are. Would that pretty woman be happy as wife of foreigner and would she be loved remains to be unknown fact and could not be specified.

It is always at first that a man gets to know woman better because she is pretty, but then some other important facts of woman’s character influence the possibility of future relationship. Those facts are woman’s intelligence, behavior, way she lives and many other small but major factors.

Latvian women fit all mentioned above the best. They are interesting in conversation. Know how build the topic and know their priorities in life.

They are open and willing to find something new, to improve themselves. They are usually both – book-smart and street-smart, and if not, many of them were brought up with moral standards of cultural society.

Those women know how valuable the family is. They are created to love their kids, husband, and family. Love in this case means also a great care for family members. Latvian woman has many positive features. Sounds like perfect bride, doesn’t it?

For the guys from the UK

By the way, if you live somewhere in the United Kingdom, you have great opportunity to find Latvian bride right there in your home country. Since many Latvian women went to the U.K. in search of work and possibility to stay there for permanent living. That is why you can find possible candidates in the U.K. out of local Latvian women who live and work there.

For Americans and Aussies

When average Australian or American gets acquainted with average Latvian woman, he is amazed with her natural beauty, pleasantly shocked with her intelligence and deeply positively surprised with her kind character and cute naiveté.

We suppose he does not look for bride on purpose, but all the positive features of Latvian woman just don’t leave man indifferent. He gets used to that and within some time he realizes his life can’t be satisfactory for him anymore without such a woman near.

He is in need for this particular Latvian girlfriend and he wants her always to be near. In this case he wants her to become his bride, his wife, his soul mate and his future. Oh, Latvian women, what do you do with men!

Are Latvian women popular as wives among American men?

The self-esteem level of some American men often overflows. Especially when it is going about foreign women. Especially if the country those women come from is on relatively law, comparing to the U.S., income level. It does not matter this country is in European Union or not. In this case we are talking about Latvia and Latvian women.

Some Americans like to ask themelves a question: are Latvian women good candidates to take a place of American’s wife. If Latvian woman reads this, she might be very angry because of such style of question might already seen disrespectful. We are sorry and do not want to offend anyone, but this is how some American men consider Latvian women and women in general. It might be also rephrased in lighter manner as: “Are Latvian women popular as wives among American men”. But we also need catchy titles, right?

Anyways, let’s take a look at the details and figure out why Latvian women are popular as possible wives not only for Americans, but for everyone. Why Latvian women are great wives and what causes such their great popularity?

  • Latvian women like to take care of themselves and look after their appearance;
  • Latvian women inherited natural beauty from their mothers;
  • Latvian genes have strong combination which leads to natural beauty

Which man does not dream about pretty wife? Having pretty wife not only makes a man feel great by rising own self esteem, but also enjoy this beauty in everyday life.

Being beautiful, Latvian woman successfully emphasizes this beauty by little proper makeup and elegant clothes.

Not only beauty attracts American men in Latvian women. Yes, beauty is good for attraction and even becomes the main reason for asking for a date, but when it is going to marriage, there must be something stronger than just beauty.

Latvian wife attracts American husband by ability to create and keep strong united family, based on the family values, where man always feels cozy atmosphere and always wants to come back home. A family where man could see the sense of being everyday.

Latvian woman is great partner for American man because the problems in the family or at work are solved with support of each other, but not a kind of reaction where if man did something wrong or has some problems, he is considered to be loser. Such things would rarely happen in the family where the wife is wise Latvian woman. She is always ready to support her husband and show him the ways to solve the problem, to overcome the difficult situation or at least to give possible support.

Latvian wife is good wife for American man because she is good natural psychologist and many American men actually feel lack of psychological help, although many of them rarely would admit that. Personal psychologist in image of wife is a good way out for American man.

Many American men dream of traditional family, but today’s American society with many emancipated women, focused at work and making career does not let the dream of traditional family to come true. Latvian wife is great way out for American man as she is family oriented. Family and children for Latvian woman are always on the first place. Many Latvian women are even ready to put some of their personal interests behind for the sake of the family, which American woman would rarely do.

Orientation for the family among Latvian women is also seen in their attitude to life and how they particularly behave when being wives. Latvian woman likes to create warm atmosphere at home and for this she always keeps the house clean and clothes in order. She almost never asks husband for help or sharing the house chores. She enjoys playing a role of traditional wife, which is the big part of actually being a wife.

Attentive husband in its turn has to notice when his wife is going to do the house chores and to offer his help. Such initiative would be much appreciated by Latvian wife and as the reward husband will always enjoy positive atmosphere in the house.

Living together with Latvian woman brings many benefits for the man and those benefits are… uncounted. Sometimes it seems like men who have chosen Latvian woman for wife are the happiest men in the world. This could be noticed very often and their smile and emotions are real, not artificial.

Such a joy from life could get only satisfied with his life person, who is happy with his place in this world, who has finally found this place in this world. American man could solve most of his personal problems by marriage and living with Latvian woman and many American men do so. Why can’t you be one of them?

Successful story of American man married to Latvian woman

Inga: I have met Christopher during exchange program when I was studying at the university. He was a counterpart of my friend and we hang out together spending free time in the program together with friends. It was a nice time, but when the program ended we felt we miss each other so much. We were communicating via messengers and the next summer Christopher visited Latvia for two weeks. Then we had a long half a year of communication through the Internet and Christopher visited me again on Christmas and the New Year. Next summer he made me proposal and we moved to the United States.

Christopher: I like visiting Latvia and Inga’s family, her parents and grandma are very hospitable and kind, but we live in the U.S. Of course, Inga misses her family and we try to fly to Latvia as soon as we can.

Inga: Christopher always helps me in different cross-cultural issues and also helps about the house. We share our home chores and both are happy to help each other. He tries to show me American culture and we travel a lot around the country.

Christopher: I love my wife very much and I am very thankful to her for everything. I like to make her presents and to show my admiration in all possible ways. I love the way she treats me, the way she is. I think she is the best wife ever.

Inga: I think we both complement each other and made a good family union. We know how to keep a good balance in our family life and at the same time do not forget to develop our personal skills and do the things each of us likes and is interested. I like to draw paintings. Christopher likes to do mountain hiking.

Christopher: We didn’t have any troubles in cross-cultural communication, because we knew each other during exchange program and I was ready to accept another culture. And in general, Latvian culture shares values of Western civilization, so it was comfortable for both of us to get to know each other better. Some minor differences were even funny. I am happy for the fact that my wife is Latvian and I think she is happy to have such a good American husband as I am 🙂