Paragyayan wife – what is to be married with woman from Paraguay

Gathering information about Paraguay is not easy as there is not much information on this country on the Internet or all the info is not up to date and is repeated and copied from one source to another. Thankfully, when it is going about Paraguayan women in marriage the overall picture is vivid.

In case you will have the idea to marry woman from Paraguay you have to know what to expect from her in the family. The best way to imagine this is to look how they live in families in Paraguay. All what they used to do or what their mothers used to do at home they will copy and bring into their own family life. No doubts, if Paraguayan woman will marry Westerner, for example, American man, he would bring his corrections and ideas into their common life and she would probably live very different than if she had family back in Paraguay.

Role of wife in Paraguayan family is very particular. Life in Paraguay is patriarchal. The man (husband) is the head of the family and he rules the family. The man brings money to his family by hard work, usually in the field, and woman has to deal with all the family chores. The number of chores she does about the house is numerous.

Women in Paraguay live very hard life, but they do not understand this because they were brought up in such family where mother did the same and they think it is normal role of woman in the society.

Wife from Paraguay thinks she is happy living routine life, working for the family. Those are qualities impossible to see in modern Western emancipated society. On the one side it is very sad all these women from Paraguay never in their life would use other option like seeing the word and developing own personality.

On the other hand, if woman is happy to live her life why has she to do something more and to search something different? She is happy to have many kids, a husband who is working hard for the sake of her and the family.

Are women in West happy with their lives? What we often see in the U.S.? Woman lives without husband, trying to find her life goals among concrete jungles, in this anthill of people, and then gets depression, visits psychologist and stuff like that and so on and so forth. Tell me please, who is happier, this average American woman with all the issues written above or Paraguayan woman in her village who is healthy, maybe not wealthy in terms of money, but wealthy with family, she is happy and has smile on her face… Where is the secret? The secret is that Paraguayan woman has found her personal sense of life in her family.

Even if Paraguayan wife could be a little more enthusiastic she does not have time even to think about this. She has so many duties to complete during the day that all ideas about high matter, role of woman in the society and women rights seem to her as far as distant galaxy. When you need to get children ready for school, make something to eat for the whole family and do the work about the house there is no time for self-education and self-knowledge left. To live in Paraguay you have to do many simple, but necessary things and quantity of these obligations is just enormous.

What if you marry Paraguayan woman and bring her to your home country? That would be great idea in case she is eager to move. She will be great caring mother, great wife. You may prepare food together, clean the house together – she will be really pleased and surprised by such help as it is weird for her that man is helping. Men in Paraguay never do that. You will show your wife what real care is. You will have time to rest and to spend it together, at home or visiting different places.

Your attitude and care is very important, but don’t forbid woman to do the work she’s got used to do. She needs to do what she used to do back home as she simply didn’t get used to live in a family behaving another way. Don’t pledge her to change the style of life abruptly as it may lead to dramatic changes like cultural shock, depression and permanent feeling that back home was better. Don’t make her life in your home country emotionally hard as she knows how to deal with physical stress, but not how to deal with cultural and emotional stress. If you keep to the certain rules, wife from Paraguay would be the best what happened with you in your entire life.