32 And Single – Is That Bad?

Being 32, from my 32nd Birthday and till now, I had been both – single and non-single, then again single and then again I had a girlfriend. What is more – this all has happened to me with the same girlfriend 🙂 I guess people here are looking for the story of the guy who is 32 and he’s saying “It is ok being single, within some time it’s gonna be alright” and this is going to give some hope for those who are at the same age, but single. I mostly fit to this description, because I call myself semi-single. It means I have remote girlfriend who is far away from me. We live in two different cities, we visit each other very rarely, but we get such satisfaction and need of each other that we remain formally “in relationship”. I know that she is somewhere there, she loves me and I know and see that and I love her. But now it is such time period that we can’t be together due to some reasons. We will have such possibility in half a year more. Everyday life, waking up in one bed, smiling, even arguing with each other is very important in life and if you don’t have all this, if there is no sharing common flat, no morning coffee together, these relationships aren’t that much real to some extent. So, I know what you mean when you ask is it okay being single at the age of 32.

So, you have to find out are you looking for compassion, for words which would justify your illusion or for real arguments and facts which would help you open your eyes and if you are making some mistakes – to stop making them. If it is ok with you being single and if you feel free and don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend then the answer is “yes, it’s ok being single when you are 32”. BUT if you worry about that (perhaps that’s why you’re making own research about this on the Web) and you have inner demand for someone, then in your case “it is not ok being single when you are 32”.

If you feel non-comfortable because you don’t have a pair, a soulmate to share your life with, but have a strong need for this you should start working on yourself and find your soulmate. If you observe the situation where your mates at the same age already have families and even children and you feel disappointed because of that or irritated – then yes, you definitely should start working on your self improvement to find out what you want from life and achieve this.

If you want to know where it would be better to start from I would advice you to start practicing meditation. This is such a great technique which would help you to find your place in this world, to achieve personal goals and become happy and satisfied in your life. Meditation is care of your mental health. You should also start caring about your physical body, like doing some physical activity which might bring you pleasure – swimming, bicycle, roller skates – you name it. The main thing is to be in harmony with your inner world and feel satisfied. Do not over focus on the fact that you are single. You are single, but not lonely, and if you wish to find your real love for life this is only a matter of time. There are so many single people around and some of them are looking for you. This should give you knowledge and opportunity to move forward, forget about possible disappointment and melancholia and start living successful reasonable life. Would you like to start dating boring, sad and depressed person? Most likely not. The same with other people – if you are depressed, sad and non-confident, most of your possible targets for soul mates would avoid you, because they are looking for things they don’t have – happiness, optimism and pleasure from life. Transform yourself to a kind of person like that and you will be shocked how many people would take a chance for being your girlfriend/boyfriend.

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