About us

UKRNETIA.COM is a website which was established in 2012 and since that time you could find here information on culture, family traditions, marriage and relationships in Ukraine and other various countries, as well as interesting peculiarities which go along with mentioned above topics.

Information we share is written by people, who either live (lived) in particular country or who travel around the world to particular countries (and liv(e)(ed) for long period of time in the country) and have made own assumptions on culture, marriage process, family traditions etc.

This website is informative source which gives you personal subjective opinions of different people, who focus on specific topics. The thoughts which are expressed here have been personal thoughts of people, therefore might be subjective. We always try to share different opinions, because we believe this is the only way to find out general truth. However, we ask you do not take anything written here personally. Any coincidence with real people is accidental. Website never publishes personal information.

General hints given in the articles should be taken as general information, but NOT a call to action!