Women in Uruguay personal observations

Women in Uruguay are full of optimism and femininity. Most of women you meet in Uruguay are talkative, smiling and nice. However this is not the country where you will see lots of beauties in traditional thinking. For example, if you go to Eastern Europe you see 9 pretties out of 10 and one is so so and if you are in Uruguay you will meet 1 pretty girl out of 10 and 9 would be so so.

I can’t say all women in Uruguay are not pretty it is more that there are not many women at whom you would really like to stop your sight and to enjoy.

How women of Uruguay look like? As for me it is special mixture of Latin American, Central American and Spanish women. What is really impressive about women of Uruguay is the size of their breast. Even girls have like third or fourth. The butt also looks very appetizing until the girl is up to thirty because then it sometimes becomes of enormous size. It seems like this butt lives its own life. Sometimes you look at very slim girl and then realize the butt is just huge. But women here do not have complexes because of back part is too big, on the contrary they are proud of it. Many women wear tight jeans and leggings to emphasize their forms. To say the truth, there are many obese, really fat women in Uruguay. But almost all women in this country are optimistic, happy and enjoy their life. No one scandals, screams and shouts – such things are really rare here.

I don’t really think you are interested in older women of Uruguay but they look very fancy, well dressed, with proper make up and that makes them some special charm. Most of them are in hurry to do their granny’s business. And what is really weird there almost no old women in Paraguay who have big butt, so I am interested what is wrong with younger generation? It is probably such a trend in most of Latin American countries – to have gorgeous big butt and to be proud of it 🙂 Really, that is truth, look up for that on the Internet if you are interested.

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