Women in Brazil – what are they like?

Brazilian women are quite picturesque and are known as one of the women types that is one of the most popular in the world because of some unique features we are going to talk today. So, what are those Brazilian women like? I must say before you read the whole article that my point of view is subjective and I don’t pretend my point to be the truth at the last instance. Some points might be generalized and describe well known picture of Brazilian woman based on general stereotypes and some might be rather exceptions from what you already know. So, what are typical characteristics of Brazilian women? How Brazilian women or girls of different ages look like, how do they behave and what special they have?

The first feature which characterizes Brazilian women might be not pleasant one as more than half of all women’s population of Brazil is overweight. Along with that they are always pretty short and it is hard to find tall woman. As for the color of skin we always think Brazilian women have rather dark or brown skin color, but actually there are different types you can find – from pale, white and dark to sun burnt and black; but most often you will see stereotypic dark skinned women in Brazil which is typical to most Latina women. If you are looking for Brazilian girlfriend or wife, you have to know that most of Brazilian women are very emotional and most often this is expressed in jealousy, some are extremely jealous that sometimes seems even absurd.

Probably what is the most interesting to us, readers, is beauty of Brazilian women. Popular Brazilian figure is more something unique and rare than widespread. Average Brazilian woman rather has cellulites, but not so epically written in books and shown on TV Brazilian figure considered as the ideal of Brazilian woman’s beauty. So nice Brazilian picturesque figures you see during carnival in Rio de Janeiro while samba competitions and this is understandable, because samba remains long physical trainings, but it is not that you can see such figured girls everywhere on the Brazilian streets. Women in Brazil like to eat not healthy food and sweets, to drink some beer and sweet beer and as the result you don’t have to wait of obese figure for long. What is weird, many Brazilian women emphasize their imperfect figure and disadvantages of the figure. It seems like they like their body as it is or take it with ease or even are proud of their figure, but in reality it looks not the best way. Main drawback of typical Brazilian’s woman figure is big belly, but what is typical they have no complexes demonstrating it. However, there are many of those who visit gym, do exhausting exercises trying to hide real figure. Read also: Interesting facts abour Brazilian women and the country

What is the attitude of Brazilian women to marriage? Typical Brazilian woman is initiative in relationships; otherwise she has a risk of not getting married at all. Women try to rule their men and somehow force them to marriage. This is because most of men in Brazil like to live civil marriage until they are 40. They choose this way because in such case they have no obligations, usually do not have children and live for their pleasure. It is rare for young Brazilian man to decide getting married and that is why women take initiative into their hands. However, many Brazilian girls under the age of 18 become mothers and take care of children at their own expense and point of view. Usually young father does not care of his child and the mother and show not help. This situation is typical for provincial towns and villages. Abortions are forbidden in Brazil.

Most of Brazilian women take care of their appearance and beauty. Most of them just adore manicure. Manicure is pretty affordable in Brazil for rich and poor and almost every girl here has gorgeous nails. Popular nail colors are red and all the shades of red or natural white. Beauty dictates trends in footwear. As the climate here is hot, women like to wear flip flops, sandals like Hawaiian shoes, ballet flats, and sandals on a high and medium wedge and on the platform often walking duck-like forward down. Women on the high hills are rare to see but there are many of them still. The thing is it is hard to walk Brazilian sidewalks wearing high hills, because sidewalks often are paved with stone, but imperfectly and thin heel just tightly stuck between paved sidewalk stones. It is also the climate that makes walking hard on the hills. Favorite everyday shoes for Brazilian women are ballet flats, sandals on a flat sole, and also sabot on a wedge. Brazilian fashion for women is very different from European. A few years ago, a tunic falling from one shoulder was very fashionable, and one shoulder was closed, and the other was completely open. Like a receding negligent shirt, this was the “sensuality” of such clothes and 90% of Brazilians were wearing it. Brazilian women show love for straight hair without volume. More than half of the Brazilians have curly and too curly hair, which is not very convenient to put in the hair, most often they straighten them with chemicals, special hair cosmetics, ironing, hot hairdryers and brashing. Plus most of the shampoos are aiming to reduce volume. Brazilian women are very fond of doing moisturizing and nourishing hair masks with special masks with cocoa butter, coconut, and other nutritional ingredients that are sold in self-care stores in a huge range and variations.

Interesting fact that often Brazilian women have rather low voice, or if the voice is high its tinting Brazilian emphasis sometimes sounds like bird-twittering, not in terms of caressing the ears, but vice versa. Sometimes it can be annoying.

As for bad habits I would not say Brazilian women are smokers and most of them do not smoke, unlike in Italy, for example. It is also popular among women to drink cold beer and sweet beer mixed with juice what influences their figure for sure.

If you are foreign woman who goes to Brazil you should take into consideration that sometimes young Brazilian girls could take their foreign counterparts for competitors which could cause kind of rejection, but not always.

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