Women and men in Belgium

What associations appear in our mind, when we hear about Belgium? The first thing that comes to mind is the capital of the European Union is here. And then come up into mind chocolate, lace, beer, flowers and seafood. Someone may remember the birthplace of the famous comic book hero – reporter Tintin. Many go to Belgium in order to obtain high-quality European education and subsequently find the corresponding work. Belgium is a small country by area, the number of people is about 10.5 million people. At the same time the country has a very complex system of territorial and administrative divisions.

Belgium has three official state languages – Dutch (main language of the northern half of the country – Flanders), French (spoken by Brussels and the southern half of the country – Wallonia) and German (native population of a small region in the east). Fluency in English, although it is a plus at the beginning, does not help to become a full member of society. The state fully encourage the study of the official regional language and provides a very wide range of language courses.

Now let us start a little talk about Belgian women and men, what are they like? If we talk about the Belgian mentality, then it has a remarkable feature, which I immediately noticed – it is palpable men’s’ emotion on the background of absolute tranquility of women. Sometimes one gets the impression that woman here is the representative of stronger sex. Belgian men are often embarrassed by their tears, and they cry not so much in an unpleasant situation, but from happiness. And they do it much more often than women! Also, Belgian men show responsible attitude to child-rearing, actively helping their wives in the household. Emancipation of women (and maybe some local men greed) is expressed in the fact that in cafes and restaurants, women often pay for themselves, even if they came out on a date. Although, of course, there are exceptions. Despite these facts, or maybe because of them, the family life of Belgian steam flows quite calmly, without scandals and transshipment. Read also: Are Belgian women good wife candidates for American men?

What about marriage in Belgium? Formal official marriage is not a big thing  in Belgium, so the wedding ceremony is often celebrated already after having several children. Belgian women are not in a hurry to give birth. Typically, the first child is in their 30 years of age. Belgian children are not brought up strictly, parents do not worry about the cold legs or ears of a child when the weather is cold, and can calmly look at how the child is bothering passersby. Passers-by are touched at the same time. Children do not cry. For kids there is virtually no restrictions.

Belgians like to relax in the evenings after work and on weekends, enjoy visiting concerts, cultural events and museums or go to the restaurants and cafes to spend time with friends. And it seems that the older a person is, the more beautiful it is able to relax. Often you can see older women walking to the club to play bridge, or elderly couple in the night music festival, dancing or walking by the handle. In Belgium life after retirement really begins, and if not, it is certainly not quenched: traveling, meeting friends, love – it’s all here, and perhaps in old age.

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle (including proper diet and regular exercises) is also one of the main characteristics of the modern Belgian. The main holiday in Belgium is Christmas. People are prepared for it carefully: since the beginning of December, everyone start buying Christmas trees, gifts and cards. Everything revolves around a special Christmas atmosphere, but not religion. Christmas celebration is with the family only. On December 24th streets are fully subside as early as 7 pm. But the New Year is celebrated mainly at parties with friends.

From a tourist point of view, Belgium is a very interesting country. Much attention is paid to the preservation of the architectural and artistic heritage. Most cities are quite small, so it is advisable for tourists to come to each of them only a day or two. Among the most popular tourist destinations can be called Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels. It is interesting not only to see specific sights, but also enjoy the atmosphere of the city, walking through the narrow cobblestone streets, or looking out of the windows of cozy cafés. Moreover, Belgium is very favorably located in relation to other European countries and their cultural centers. Hence close to Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne, Frankfurt, Luxembourg.

Belgians are proud of their beer and chocolate. From other national culinary features can be identified Brussels waffles and mussels with fries, which are very popular among the local population. In general, the Belgians are polite, though somewhat restrained, people. So, if you are visiting Belgium in order to find Belgium girl for dating or Belgian woman for marriage, it is highly possible if to take into consideration cultural traditions of the country, style of live and peculiarities of social behavior.

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