Woman is the head in Cambodian family

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a state in South-East Asia. The capital is Phnom Penh. The population is more than 13 million; over 80% are Khmers. Cambodia borders with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Official religion is Hinduism and Buddhism. The economy is oriented to agriculture. Rumors about poverty are greatly exaggerated. On the Internet there is a stereotype that Cambo (abbreviated from Cambodia) is a poor, starving, straggling country with a low standard of living. This is a myth: after the civil war, the economy moves forward with leaps and bounds and thanks to large foreign investments, the rates far exceed those of neighbors. Land is given to private property. Very profitable taxation – there is no import or export duties, the whole territory is one big “duty free”, which attracts foreign capital. There is also a cheap labor force, mostly Vietnamese. “Who wants to work, does not sit idly by,” the Khmers say. Fish are caught even in puddles left after floods: 50 kg – $ 5. A bag of rice for the local is also 2000 riels (half a US dollar). The average salary is about $ 100 (some consider it to be greatly underestimated). On wooden houses you see satellite dishes. 95% of the territory is covered by 3G. According to the number of “Lexus” and millionaires per capita, the country is in the top ten.

Until the wedding-marriage, a civil marriage in Cambodia is prohibited. But if the young couple decided to bind the union officially, then the groom is supposed to pay a ransom to the family of the bride. By local standards it is rather big – about 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Weddings are playful and crowded, each guest should give the bride and groom a sum of money and the managers of the wedding strictly fix how much every guest has contributed – usually it is about $ 5-10. The wedding is celebrated for a minimum of three days. Newlyweds often change outfits where one is better than another.

There are enough divorces in Cambodia too. Sometimes fictitious marriages are concluded to get the bank loan. Read also: What are typical Cambodian women like

It is believed that there is matriarchy in Cambodia. There are more women than men, but their priorities are given only in matters of family and kinship. The head of the family is a grandmother or mother. She has to care about the whole home economy, the upbringing of children, grandchildren. Men are earners, getters – they earn money for a family living. After the righteous labors, they come into the house and lie down in a hammock. The domestic troubles do not concern them. Those men who do not want to work are punished … with sticks. This is the prerogative of wives to punish husbands who don’t want to work. And no one has the right to prevent them from applying the physical impact measures as much as they deem necessary.

Brothels in Cambodia are presented as karaoke clubs. When the music is playing the girls show their dignity – all what they have and the visitor is obliged to pay for the drinking and feeding of the girl that he has chosen and also for her services which is about $ 5 only, but the drink and food appetites of Cambodian priestesses of love sometimes are high. A table with food and drinks can be for even $ 80 – what is a huge price for Cambodia is. But sometimes, after eating, the lady suddenly declares that she has some urgent business. In short – she just scams the client and makes him to be a fool. But often karaoke clubs are visited by friendly companies and even by the whole family, where people come just to sing and distract. Read also: Typical Cambodian family

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