Why you don’t need to pay agencies and can find Belarusian wife for free

Because agency seems to be the easiest way to find Belarusian wife, but it is not always like that and such way has many hidden stones under which you will have to stumble upon. If there are apples on the trees in nobody’s garden and you can take this apple for free, why should you go to the store and buy apples there instead? Belarusian girls are eager to marry foreign guy, but they don’t know where to start this search and most of them are shy or afraid to visit the agency or fill in the profile on the website. As the result – there are many girls in Belarus who are willing to get married to foreigner, but they are afraid to talk about this aloud and all what they need is only to meet this foreigner at their home city. You see why you don’t have to pay marriage agencies? Because all you need is just visit Belarus and start getting acquainted with local girls.

It is important to be experienced guy in what concerns relationships with women. Before trip to Belarus you have to distinguish different types of girls, because there would be such who would like to use you, who would like to get acquainted with you themselves just after they will get to know you are foreigner – you have to omit such type. The girls you are looking for marriage, descent girls, who are willing to create family and would be good housewives are usually pretty shy and would not get immediately on your eyes. Such girls in Belarus are the best to choose for wife.

How to find this perfect for wife woman in Belarus? I advice to visit Belarus first of all and try to get closer with local community. Maybe you can find some place where English is needed or if your native language is Italian or German – try to find a place where they are looking for native speaker. Except for that every private company in Belarus would be happy to hire foreigner. Of course, the salary would be miserable as for you, but your aim is not earning, but integration into local community with every possible way. Finding half time job you will find new colleagues in Belarus and maybe become friends with some of them. You will probably visit some places where there are many pretty and descent Belarusian girls.

You see – you have so many options to meet descent Belarusian woman AND what is THE MOST IMPORTANT – she is not looking foreign fiancé on purpose. This means if you find mutual contact with such girl and within the time ask her for the first date and within a year will marry her – this would be pure relationships created with love because you both liked each other some time earlier naturally. That is why you are able to find women for marriage in Belarus for free. This also would make you feel proud of yourself because you will be sure in your man’s abilities which would increase your self confidence.

The best option of finding future wife exactly in Belarus by your own because you may be sure if you found real love that she is with you not only because of money. Of course, it might be because of money as well, but if you know women’s psychology at least a little – you are able to find descent girl. And here we are talking not about lack of money at all. Every woman needs stable man who has to get descent income; money are important in every relationships, but they should not be on the first place. And if you start looking for wife on the agency dating site you already know that most of profiles were created with one aim – income, or conversion of personal freedom into marital status and getting extra benefits in material equivalent from marriage; or after some years of marriage and getting citizenship leaving husband and bringing here ex-husband from Belarus. That’s why I do not advice to look for Belarusian wife using dating agencies’ services, but inspire to look for wife in Belarus yourself if you already made such a decision – Belarusian wife.

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