Why women of Ecuador are not eager to marry foreigners

Ecuadorian women are intelligent and smart and even there are not thousands of beauties in western understanding, there are still many pretties; and those pretties evaluate themselves well with proudly risen up head. Do not expect to have attention just because you are foreigner. Ecuadorian girls are not known as those who are seeking foreigner for marriage.

To get married with Ecuadorian woman you have to pass through long period of wooing and dating; not every westerner or American man would be patient enough to be ready for such marriage.

Many Ecuador Latina girls appreciate your behavior to the woman, your inner qualities, your soul, if you want and then only materialistic stuff. They are happy with their life here in Ecuador and even if it seems to you uncomfortable and weird it is ok with them, who were born here, they are happy to live such life so why would they need to leave their home country marrying the foreigner unless there is real love?

To marry girl from Ecuador as foreigner you will have to compete with local machos. Men in Ecuador are proud of their sexuality, masculinity and like to show not only their muscled body, but their Spanish passion in everything and especially when it is going about girls. They would tell so many compliments to the girl that it is hard to imagine; sweet words and flirt is what you have to compete with. Read also: Why Ecuadorian girls who are dating Americans want to come back to Ecuador?

Ecuador wife is desired among foreigners because of mixture of Spanish, Africans and local Aboriginals some of them look very hot; foreign tourist would eagerly have such wife. They also behave themselves and are dressed up well. They do this to get men’s attention, but this does not mean they want to jump into the bed, no. They do this because every woman likes when men pay attention on her.

To get attention of Ecuadorian girl you will have to show your attention and adore, for sure, making compliments and calling her sexy. She would like that, but remember long period has just started and if you are ready to go till the end, she will be you r wife one day, but this will be not quickly. First of all you have to interest her, then to gain her confidence and show your intentions are serious. The next step would be dating Ecuadorian girl and here you will discover many interesting. You will be acquainted to all her close friends and family; you will spend a lot of times in funny companies. Are you ready for that? You will have to persuade all her family and friends (is she’s your girlfriend you’ve persuaded her in this earlier) you are serious about her.

What you get for being with Ecuador Latina girl who is your wife?

Ecuadorian wives are very caring and affectionate; they trust you and show their love being very gentle, faithful, loyal, but passionate where it is needed. Your Ecuadorian partner is with you forever if you want this, of course, so be serious when decided to marry woman from Ecuador, because for her it could be much serious step than for you; this is because mental difference and being rose up in different cultural environment. Great plus that in marriage, Ecuadorian woman gives her all to you and family, she would try to do her best faithfully trying to make you and your family happy. Kind of personal sacrificing, but the reason she has been risen up like that and she likes it; your wife from Ecuador knows how to make you happy and successful, because she sees her sense of life in these unlike many western women who are concentrated only on their career and personal advantages and profits.

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