Why Ukrainian women are so popular among men in the U.S.

Let us think why Ukrainian women are so popular among men in the U.S.? Probably even American women often ask themselves this question. American men are willing to find Ukrainian wife and many of them search the web asking search engines for Ukrainian brides and girls to date with. The answer to that is quite easy: Ukrainian women are more tolerant and not that demanding as their western colleagues, but this is just one among all key factors. The other you will know if keeps reading. So, what American man expect from Ukrainian woman? Firstly, she has to be YOUNG.

Very rare American compatriot 25 years old or so would like to marry average 50 y.o. man. (by the word “average” I mean unless he is very rich, star, politician, etc.) In addition, if young American woman is pretty, well educated, smart and tolerant to man’s uneasy character and habits she would be looking for coeval, she doesn’t need “anybody” and scrupulously choose the best candidate.

They would earn money together, rise up children and make career and even if she would divorce at the age of 40, she wouldn’t have a need in husband, like Ukrainian woman need foreign husband, she would look for young lover because now she needs good sex. Ukrainian women have different stereotype in family and family relations. Husband and children are one unity. American women make their career and money on their own and don’t really need a husband to satisfy her material sights. She is independent and children, husband, sex are separate things to her in case of divorce and on the top of it is her personality. This is different to Ukrainian women and usually she is ready to sacrifice her independence to family and children put and place her own needs to the second place. That is why 50 y.o. American man is looking for young Ukrainian woman with young nice body, naive soul, lovely tenderness, all those criteria that is almost impossible for him to find it in American woman according to his age.

Ukrainian woman are sexy and this is not only slim figure, long legs and natural brest they have another way of sexuality that is somewhere inside of their mind. Ukrainian women are able to listen to the man; they listen attentively to the foreigner, look into the eyes, tying to get closer to emotional space of a man. Nice moves, natural gestures, pretty smile and always good mood those are qualities of Ukrainian woman that make American man out of mind. Ukrainian women are interested in what is man doing and in his business, but do not ask man a lot of questions and never talk a lot about his work. All those things make man think that woman is agreeing with everything he does and this is very important for man.

Ukrainian women are extremely beautiful. American man are shocked when are coming to Ukraine and see Hollywood type of girls everywhere, they are just usual to Ukrainian man, they got used to it. Ukrainian women are that beautiful because of natural beauty that is stored in the genes and except for that they are not lazy to look themselves up. It is a habit to wear fashionable clothes, make up even when going to the store. Where else in the world man can find so gentle women who easily smile, eager to talk, having pretty faces, slim figures, grace of movements, elegance of manners and walking on high hills ever in severe winter. Man doesn’t need to be convinced in her beauty, he sees and feels that and has no doubts.

Ukrainian women are well educated; most of them have graduated from Universities and other higher educational establishments. This is a big plus to have beautiful, smart and wise woman. It makes man proud for him to have such a woman near. In such a way he delights among others.

American men really appreciate femininity of Ukrainian women, a quality that is hard to find nowadays among western women. By the word “femininity” is meant tenderness, romance, tact and need to love and care about her man. American man is sick of man-kind compatriot women who fight with them for money and power in offices and for equal division of duties at home. Sometimes American man has a need in friendly smile and feeling of having rest, sometimes even to talk about his own dismisses without fear being left by wife because she would consider him as looser.

Americans like Ukrainian wives as good housewives. Rarely American woman would be staying in kitchen for hours to prepare something tasty for her man, but Ukrainian wife would. Ukrainian women would clean the house, make laundry and iron your shirt without indignation, because she considers it “women work” and would do it with pleasure for her loving man.

One of main features of Ukrainian women we spoke at the beginning is tolerance. Ukrainian woman is much more tolerant to all the tings like behavior, habits and personal freedom than American women.

Why Americans want to have Ukrainian woman for marriage? Some might see on the experience of other man (friend) who had already married Ukrainian woman. Someone visited dating websites and after watching all that pictures of pretty Ukrainian women just became out of mind could not believe that all those pretties would like to marry him. Someone visited Ukraine in business and can’t forget the feeling of being crowded with such beautiful women everywhere. Americans marry Ukrainians women because of those10 golden qualities of Ukrainian woman mentioned above that any other woman of any world culture will never ever combine. One more fact is that American man has already heard that Ukrainian women are willing to marry foreigner and according to the facts if American man has aim to marry Ukrainian woman, he will in most cases. Even if the first Ukrainian women he meet say “No”, the second or the third one will say “yes”.

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