Why Ukrainian Brides Are Considered To Be The Best Brides In The World

Quite versatile question and if you hope to find one quick answer then this is not the case. Let us find out what features, way of behavior and many other things make Ukrainian women to be popular brides. Some American guys got the trend that marriage with Ukrainian girl is cool and they are trying to find bride from Ukraine and the first what makes them do such search is beauty of Ukrainian women.

Yes – beauty, appearance, slim figure, model look – this is what makes sophisticated Ukrainian woman be desired to possess. The best way to possess pretty woman is to marry her. Why beauty is so important? Being with pretty woman rises up self esteem of every man especially if this man for some reason can not be with pretty girl in his home country (too old, to ugly, psycho etc). That is sad but many inadequate men from abroad are looking for Ukrainian brides and these Ukrainian girls suffer from such marriage, but that is wide topic we are going to discuss separately.  So, in Ukraine almost every American man has a chance to marry pretty model look girl if in the States he has not enough qualities to be with such pretty model look girl: has not enough money, is considered loser, did not achieve anything, is already old and relatively poor and many other reasons.

The other reason which makes Ukrainian women to be popular brides among foreigners is their femininity, kind character and orientation for the family life. Actually, this reason is probably even more important than beauty of Ukrainian women. They dream to have a family, husband, children; they like to wait their husband from work and prepare him tasty dishes; they like to take care and rise up their kids; they like to spend time in the families but often they are unable to fulfill dreams about happy family life they want because of low material income of the husband, who works a lot, but earns not enough to provide the family because this is often reality in Ukraine; husband feels not able to be the head of the family, has low self esteem and often here quarrels start to appear. This misunderstandings are often absent when wife is from Ukraine and Husband is from the U.S. or Germany, for example. Material well being is not the main thing in relations, but still very important and impossible to build happy relationships without it.

Ukrainian brides are also popular because they are good caring mothers, great housewives. They like to play the role of keeper of the family fire, while give their man opportunity to be the head of the family, even if it is formal. Many foreign men dream about such a woman, because with today’s emancipation and feminist views it is very hard to find woman who shares traditional values. Doing house work it does not mean Ukrainian woman is a home sitter. She normally goes to work, but after coming back home she does laundry, cleaning, ironing, cooking and many other things. Sounds like a woman of a dream? It is Ukrainian woman, but it is more about women in the age of 40 and older, as young Ukrainian generation is completely different. An exception is young girl from Ukrainian village – she is also very close to the family tradition type.

But you have to understand it depends all the time. There are no two equally the same people and there are no Ukrainian women who would behave the same way. General overlook is good, but every case is personal and you better never make stereotypes about Ukrainian brides, Ukrainian women and people in general.

Is it so easy to find bride in Ukraine? Are there many girls in Ukraine who would like to become happy wife of American citizen? This question also does not have one strict answer as it depends. For example, there are many types of girls in Ukraine and depending on upbringing, moral qualities, religious views etc each would have her own point of view on marriage with American and for marriage in general. We would divide Ukrainian girls into three main types BUT there much more of these types, literary – hundreds.

The first type is the girls whom you have to omit if you are looking for serious marriage. They are interested only in material values aka in the bank account of their boyfriend, husband. It does not matter for them whether future husband would be Ukrainian, American or Arabian – he has to be wealthy and as Americans often feet this criteria they are attracted by this type of girls. Such girls like to get expensive presents, travel to famous resorts, take pictures on newest model of iPhone and demand to live in luxury. Of course, not every American could fulfill intentions and demands of such a girl even if he would like to.

The second type is descent Ukrainian girls and this type is the most widespread. These are descent girls who used to live usual life, study at the University, work and communicate with friends. They are building plans for the future and try to succeed in going towards their goals although it is often hard according to economical and political situation in Ukraine. By the way, such girls often go to work abroad, for example, to neighboring Poland. For such girls there is no difference if their boyfriend is Ukrainian, American or Polish, they take into account qualities of the person. This type is considered to be the best type of Ukrainian girls for marriage. Usually such Ukrainian girls date their boyfriend for quite a long time and they would never leave him just for the reason some foreigner shows his interest in them.

The third type is modern, independent, new age Ukrainian girl. This is strong lady with her own view for life. She is not much different than her colleagues from the West. She has her own business, does what she wants for life, drives her car and visits interesting places. She likes to open new things in life, discover new horizons and it is important for her to be in action, to be in move. Such girl would usually have many spheres of interest like arts, meditation, yoga, gym, sports and many other possible. If you find common language with such Ukrainian girl and you both would enjoy each other then you might have a chance her to become your bride some day.

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