Why Thai men like European women

Until the late nineteenth century, Thailand (it was called Siam at that times), was a closed, mysterious and incomprehensible country where few people went and guests from Siam were rara avis. Although, with the development of diplomatic relations between nations the first high officials of different countries began to travel to Siam and later then ordinary tourists started to Choose Thailand as touristic destination. One day the Siamese crown prince arrived in Kyiv, Ukraine. By chance he met university student girl there. Soon he took her to Siam and married her. This story is well known. In Siam everyone was fascinated by the beauty of the King’s wife, especially everyone liked the unusual milky white skin of a European woman. Since that time in that country it has become fashionable to have a European wife. What has changed over the past century? Siam began to be called Thailand, the number of tourists has increased many times. So, why do Thais like European girls so much? The world has become more open, it has become easier to travel and European girls are already trying to find a Thai man in Thailand. And Thais do not mind creating families with European beauties. Thai people know a lot about women’s charms! Probably, that is why there are so many mixed national marriages in Thailand. The charm of European white girls attracts the views of Thai guys as a magnet and they greedily watch them sunbathe. However, this all is not simple at all. When girls come to Thai resorts they get acquainted not only with Thais, but also with Germans, Americans, French and many others. Most often in these holiday romances both sides are only interested in sex and nothing more. There is no need to hide the real reason that some women fly to Thailand just for the sake of sex tourism often leaving home and family.

There are some ladies who only think how to surrender to the natural passions after arriving to Thailand so they meet with the same people as they themselves, with representatives of sexual minorities and arrange formal orgies not really thinking about the consequences. It is not surprising that such ladies are constantly caught in crime in Thailand and are forced to visit the police. But even more often they do not inform the police about the crime in order to avoid disclosure and leave everything in secret. Fortunately, there are not so many such women and most of vacationers are quite well-mannered and respectable and do not have problems with local Thai police. Read also: Option to spend the date with Thai girl in Pattaya

Some women are just waiting to get acquainted and marry a Thai, have children, and ultimately get Thai citizenship. Quite harmless desires of ordinary women. Although an ordinary Thai guy has little chance of marrying a European as they prefer richer spouses. The main sign of a successful person for Thais is luxury, a big house, a new car and big amount of money on a bank account. Of course, beautiful wife and smart children will add prestige to the local moneybags and also some Thai men love European girls not only for their beauty and intelligence, but also for many other qualities inherent only to them. To be objective, many Thai men just do not have much wealth to be able to get guaranteed marriage with fastidious and picky European brides.

Many Chinese men come to Thailand with the aim to create a family with European woman. Such families become more widespread even in the most conservative countries and, moreover, in China it is also considered very prestigious to have a European wife. Not hiding the truth, many European women themselves often prefer kind and industrious Chinese men, especially if the one is fluent in English, German, French or other European language. But there are also such tourists who are not interested in creating a family with a resident of Thailand. They go to remote places, where there are practically no tourist programs and routes. It is with the goal of getting to know the lifestyle of the local people and learning the Thai language. Only there you can understand Thailand and love it as it really is. This experience saves many prejudices against the Thais, helps to adapt to their habits. Only after some time friendly acquaintances and close relations with local people could be established and this is very important part allowing creating a Thai family in the future. Read also: Is it worth to marry Thai woman

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