Why Such Great Ammount Of Young Ukrainian Girls Want To Leave Ukraine For Abroad?

Because of economical situation in Ukraine is catastrophe, not only women, but also men, especially youth up to 35. It is because there is no perspective for future life in Ukraine. Prices for food, clothes and gadgets and other stuff are the same as in any Western European country, but if average salary in Western Europe is about 2000 Euro per month or more, or at least 600 Euro in Central Europe in Ukraine real salary is about 100 Euro per month. There is no chance to find a job where you will earn good enough to survive like just buying simple things: food, clothes and paying bills for gas and electricity. If you earn 300 Euro per month in Ukraine it is considered very good salary. Most of people earn about 120-150 Euro per month.

Does this mean because of such hard economical situation Ukrainian women want to leave Ukraine and live abroad? Yes. BUT! Ukrainian girls move abroad not as wives of foreign husbands, but for labor migration. Most of Ukrainian girls and older women are going to Poland and Italy and many choose to stay there for permanent living. Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain are also popular destinations. In Poland young Ukrainian woman may work, get reasonable salary and buy enough food, clothes, cosmetics, at least two times a year to travel somewhere to warm seaside or visit popular European tourist destinations. And what could person afford in Ukraine? In Ukraine you will work, but you will hardly afford yourself to pay the bills, especially in winter and to buy food (just main food, not all you would like to) and also in Ukraine you would think whether to buy jeans or dress; ok, I will buy dress and the next month I will not buy fish and milk, but would eat potatoes. There are few professions which could be exceptions e.g. programmers. They earn the same as in Europe and COULD AFFORD themselves to LIVE in Ukraine, but not to SURVIVE.

Naturally, there is some percentage of women in Ukraine who choose foreigners for husbands on purpose, but this percentage is very small and many of those who choose foreigners still prefer to live in Ukraine with foreign husband, but for his money. But most of Ukrainian girls would prefer to work abroad, to find a job, but not use foreign guy for this. Still most of Ukrainian girls have dignity and moral principles. If you have ever men Ukrainian girls you will confirm my words. If not, you have to visit Ukraine – but not fancy places downtown Kyiv, bars and clubs – visit different cities, towns and villages on West, North, Center, South of Ukraine and you will see how it is in real.

Young girls of Ukraine, those who have 18-20 are much different that those who are 25 or 30. They are much more pragmatic and choose future partner for a long time. Their logic is as follows: Ukrainian guy is ok if he has good job or business which will provide stable income and even if economical situation becomes harder it will not influence their life. Such a guy should have a car, a house or apartment and has to earn enough to visit different places, cafes in the city they live, but also to travel abroad sometime. She also has to afford herself to buy clothes she wants and so – enjoy life. It is natural that most of Ukrainian guys do not belong to this category, because even though they are working hard their income is miserable in most cases. That is the reason why such types of girls choose foreign guys, because average foreign guy can give all that what was described above. Do NOT think ALL young girls in Ukraine are like that. There are still many descent girls who prefer to build their career in Ukraine or abroad and are not waiting for foreign prince or for “exchanging their beauty” into life without needs. But the more I observe Ukrainian younger generation, the bigger is percentage of described above girls and that is said as for me.

If some 2 years ago I would write that some Ukrainian girls would like to move abroad now I would surely proclaim that most of Ukrainian girls would move abroad. Because they see their friends who moved to Poland, for example, that they come back happy, with some funds, in Poland they can buy descent car for 3 salaries and in Ukraine cars are from 4 to 7 times more expensive than in Poland, and salaries are from 3 to 10 times lower. Where is the logic? Besides, in Ukraine prices for apartments are pretty much the same as in Poland, so average Ukrainian girl would rather buy and apartment in block in Poland that in Ukraine, because in Poland she has job and salary which gives her opportunity to live normal descent life. And if you buy apartment in Ukraine you will have a place to live, but would be unable to earn enough to pay the bills, to buy food and clothes.

In Ukraine situation gets worse and worse with every month. People do not see any perspective to stay in the country because they do not want to survive all their life but want just to work, to live and be happy with their family. Ukraine is full of corruption, full of not fair decisions where state does not help people but tries to rob them and to show superiority over citizens who actually created, formed this state.

Coming back to the question why Ukrainian girls would like to leave Ukraine we can find one more reason – Ukrainian woman is looking for strong partner to create future progeny with, and American, German or Australian guy has most chances to satisfy her needs. In modern world protection directly depends of financial status of the partner. Of course, this is not the most important reason for most of Ukrainian girls, as most would choose mentally strong guy who has ideas, achieves goals and moves forward (they assume he gets rich in the future, I guess). But it is reasonable as famous saying “with beloved one you can live even in a tent in the forest” does not work anymore. We all got used to live in comfort, to have possibilities to satisfy our needs and to get proper self-development and without budget it is almost impossible nowadays.

I want you to understand it is not like that every Ukrainian girl would move abroad if she has a chance. It is also not that Ukrainian girl would leave her boyfriend for foreigner or quickly and happily would choose proposal of foreign guy. Yes, life in Ukraine is hard, but not every woman would even take the fact of dating foreigner. Most of Ukrainian girls still choose labor migration as the best option to escape from the country, so if you have an idea to find Ukrainian girl nowadays it is better to visit Poland, EU where more than 2 million of Ukrainians work and most choose to stay in Poland for permanent living, by the way.

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