Why Lithuanian brides are popular among foreigners?

Every pretty girl becomes desirable bride and wife for the man and woman from Lithuania is not an exception. Lithuanian brides are popular according to their beauty, positive seeing of the world and possibility to become close to ideal wife. Lithuanian brides can boast not only with their beauty and intelligence but also kindness and warm atmosphere in the family and house. Lithuanian brides also are great in housekeeping and are known by their perfect care of the household. It means if husband does not want to do something, Lithuanian wife would make him to do it in some gentle way and that surely will be done without any harm for the relations between spouses.

When the family is ready to have a child Lithuanian wife is also great candidate for perfect caring mother. Having all those qualities as warmness, kindness, attention and being raised by their mothers in caring family atmosphere Lithuanian woman rises her own children in the same atmosphere the same way her mother raised her and her sisters and brothers. Such connection of generations and genetic memory makes those women perfect wives. No wonder that many Americans and their western European counterparts are looking for brides exactly in this small Baltic country called Lithuania.

When it is going about bride every man looks up a little into the future trying to figure out what kind of wife she would be. Here important role plays her competency by the household. It is also important what character she has, because there no man who is interested in frequent quarrels and disputes and we can understand him because he wants to have peaceful and quiet atmosphere at home where he can relax, because he usually has enough of stress at work. Lithuanian woman gains the most points and scores the best according to the described demands. Read also: Foreigners marry Lithuanian women

Jokes or not, but every man likes to have a good meal. If Americans not got used to it, Slavic men and the men from Baltic countries got used to it well. There is no fast food at Lithuanian family and people eat traditional food. Maybe not all the food could be called healthy, but in general Lithuanian cuisine is good. We can see how good looking Lithuanians are and national cuisine and formed by centuries food traditions and way to get meal according to timetable have not minor impact. That is one more hidden reason why foreigners choose Lithuanian women for their brides.

No matter how long we can talk about qualities of good housewife, when man chooses bride he imagines the scene in the church at the wedding ceremony, imagines his guests, close friends and not very close relatives and he wants his bride look great. He wants every man to envy him, especially when it is wedding day and the best way to achieve this to have beautiful bride. That is why Americans often choose Lithuanian women for brides because natural beauty of Lithuanian bride combined with perfect make up will bring to stunning result.

One more hypothesis why Americans take Lithuanians for brides is that when man is dating to a pretty girl he gets used to this. His self esteem is at the very high level because his girlfriend is so pretty. He gets great pleasure from sex with such beautiful girlfriend and many other bonuses and pluses. It is natural that man tries to hold this beauty and the next logical step after dating is marriage that ties his Lithuanian pretty and him on much more serious level than just dating where after some serious quarrel girlfriend can fade away and relations would be over.

One thing I can name for sure without even a little doubt. Lithuanian brides are desirable among Americans and other men from wealthy countries. And if you are reading this article this is one more prove for what I have written. Read also: Lithuanian girlfriend – unrestrained desire for American man

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