Why it would be not easy to marry Bhutan woman

Between India and China, in the Himalayas there is a small kingdom of Bhutan with a population of only 700 thousand people. In this amazing country traditions are very strong and Bhutanese are not in a hurry to accept the modern way of development. This is the edge of Buddhism, purity and enlightenment. It is hard to imagine that television and the Internet appeared in Bhutan only in 1999 after the ban was lifted. As you may guess, it would be extremely hard to find Bhutan dating service website LOL or even if you find you will need to have Bhutanese women registered there and that might be the possibility close to the one there is rain in Sahara.

Often Bhutan is rated as the happiest country in the world and the economy here is measured not by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but by the Gross National Happiness as the fourth king of the country said: “The happiness of the people is more important than the percentage of the gross domestic product.”

The history of tourism in Bhutan began in 1974 and before that it was possible to get to the country only at the personal invitation of the king or queen. The country was open to foreigners to show its unique culture and traditions to the whole world. There are 19 mountain peaks in the country exceeding the mark of 7,000 meters. There are two versions of the name of the kingdom of Bhutan. According to the first one it means “mountainous country” and the other says it means “the edge of Tibet”.

80% of Bhutanese people live in village rural area and work in agriculture. That is one more reason why it would be hard for foreigner to find girlfriend or wife in Bhutan – you will not fit to local life and traditions or they would not fit you. One more reason is that most of these Bhutan rural families live very poor life and in bad accommodation, but they still remain happy, because money and material prosperity is not equal with happiness. Very often it is the same in Western world, isn’t it? At least Bhutan people have courage to announce that money does not mean happiness. So, as you see the main obstacle for American, European or Australian to find girlfriend in Bhutan and marry her is the cultural difference, unless you are Buddhist, of course, – in this case it would be much easier for you, but then you will have to find common language with the family of your possible future Bhutanese bride.

The average life expectancy in Bhutan is also not impressive – men live in average 66 years and women – 66.3 years. So, if you want to marry descent Bhutanese girl you have to hurry up πŸ™‚

If you are seriously thinking of marriage with Bhutan woman you have to consider the wedding ceremony will be in Buddhist traditions with dancers performing at the wedding ceremony, the final dance of the newlyweds together with the guests, maybe speeches of Buddhist monks at the wedding ceremony – all in accordance with complex Buddhist ceremonial.

When you finally marry Bhutan beauty you have to think about the future as well, and consider living with respect according to local traditions and sometimes, usually once a year, according to local beliefs to get rid of the sins accumulated during the year it is enough to pass through glowing gates. J When you have children, if this will be a boy, be ready he will go to the monastery at the age of 6-8 years for some period of time.

If you decided to marry Bhutan woman and live in this country you have not only to accept their traditions, but share them and the most important – to live like those people, love life style like that and share it with others – only in such a way the marriage is possible. If you share this life style you will be the happiest man in the world along with your pretty Bhutan wife as happiness in Bhutan is the main asset of the kingdom and this is real truth. They are not going to double their GDP in 10 years. The government simply does not consider the Gross Domestic Product as a measure of the economy. Instead, there is a Gross National Happiness. This is a measure of the quality of life which includes moral and psychological values. This concept was introduced by the fourth king of this country in 1972, who said: “The happiness of the people is more important than the percentage of the gross domestic product.”

According to “Gross national happiness” the economy of the country is planned for 5 years, progress is made by very slow steps so as not to destroy the main values – culture, family, nature and Buddhist religion.

One more obstacle which could wait for you in the search of pretty Bhutan girl to marry could be … money. Bhutan is expensive country even for foreign tourists from flourishing countries. To get Bhutan visa you will have to pay about $600 and one day of staying in the country would cost foreign tourist more than $200. As you see, you have to think twice is that Bhutan beauty worth such money, or there are countries where women are prettier and they are free to visit.

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