Why it is relatively simple to get married to Japanese woman?

Almost every average Japanese girl is dreaming to get married. Nowadays it is popular among psychologists to ask what are your plans for the next five years and if you do this trick with Japanese girl and ask this question in most cases the answer would be she is going to get married. So, the goal of most Japanese girls is not career, personal pleasure or something else, but family life. And that does not mean Japanese woman is not improving herself in marriage, otherwise, she is happy to explore more and is ready for self-development, but as married woman already.

Way of social life in Japan implies marriage sooner or later and most of girls are dreaming of marriage. It is almost impossible to find the girl who would just like to date for fun or pleasure. Sometimes it seems Japanese girls are burdens of their society, but that is how they were raised and how the things are in Japan, it is unusual for Europeans or Americans, but it is normal for Japanese and most of them are very happy in marriage.

Japanese girls while dating are giving hints that they are ready for marriage. Those hints could sound like she already wants to have a baby and stuff or in some different way. Japanese women want to be married and have family, but they also need to be sure in the man whom they are dating. If the man does not give any perspectives for the future, or, what is even worse, says that he is in search and likes relations how they are and doesn’t want to change anything in the future than the interest of Japanese girl in him fades and the break up is not far.

What to do if you want to date Japanese girl but not ready for marriage yet? First of all you should not be in hurry as for the first time at least three months this question will not be actual question. Than you will understand what you want – whether you would like to continue dating your Japanese girlfriend or you are not ready for more serious relationships. You have to keep in mind that by dating Japanese girl implies marriage and creation of the family in the future with the guy she is dating at the time, so it is up to you what next step to do, but it is better to be yourself and have and open conversation with your Japanese girlfriend. Tell her that she has either to accept the things as they are and you are not sure and need much more time to decide whether you would like to create family with her or she has a choice to break up with you. It is better to be honest to have no scandals in the future and avoid wasted years. But it is up to you, of course.

By the way, Japanese men are dating their girlfriends very often for a long time not offering marriage. It is not necessary to marry woman, but to promise you are going to marry her and she will wait. Actually, Japanese men deal with it perfectly and dating for 5, 6, 10 years! And woman is waiting all this time, but it happens that all these years of trust are not converted into marriage and then there is a tragedy of lost years. Actually, this is hard to understand, because to think logically it is better to choose between marriage and family creation if this is your goal or leave the girl alone and give her a chance to find another boyfriend. However, if such “waiting” Japanese girlfriend will meet another candidate who offers her creation of family with kids and stuff she would agree in most cases without a delay, as her life goal is marriage. Japanese girlfriends are devoted, but their goal is marriage and creation of full family.

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