Why it could happen that girl from poor Peru would like to back home from prosperous America

Nowadays it is a kind of a trend in the USA when men are looking for exotic wife abroad. There are many personal reasons why they are doing it starting from personal impossibility to find the girl at home ending with “money talk for everything” and making efforts to find devoted non emancipated housewife who will eagerly serve the husband’s needs. But let’s omit the reasons why Americans more often are looking for wives and focus rather on the topic and find out why foreign wives would like to escape back home from American paradise. One of not very popular and quite exotic country where Americans are looking for wife is Peru. Since trend for wife from exotic country is popular Peru perfectly suits as the country for exotic bride.

So, when the relations of American man and Peruvian woman got to the phase where people go to church and then register their marriage in civil authorities, the most interesting part of the show starts. American man often would not like to live in Peru for permanent living not only because of life comfort peculiarities and cultural differences, but because the source of his income is in the USA and he has to go back home to provide newly created family with material needs no matter in Peru everyone thinks he is extremely wealthy man with his average American salary. Peruvian wife is also anxious to visit the USA – the country where everyone live like in the movies, the country where she dreamed to visit since she was 15. Many Peruvians believe the USA is the paradise.

The step of further integration into American society is very hard psychological and emotional step and many Peruvian women loose exactly here. At home she got used to go at work during the week and here she sits and home, waiting for her husband being a housewife. Complete change of lifestyle. In addition to that if you sit at home almost all the time only sometimes visiting grocery you are going to have problems not only with physical, but also with mental health. She does not feel satisfaction from life and those rare visits of the restaurant cannot compensate all the pluses of maybe sometimes harsh, but active life.

Trying to escape from this situation she improves English with all the efforts because that could give her a chance to find some work and after months of hard work her husband is not willing his wife to go work because he is ok with having perfect housewife and he is not interested in her opinion because the time of romantic restaurants and evenings with the candles is somewhere far in the past. In addition to that Peruvian woman in the USA does not have a chance for communication with friend and since we are all social creatures we need communication. Language barrier and cultural differences become for Peruvian woman a barrier in finding new friends in the USA.

Nervous system is exhausted and is on the edge. Peruvian woman sees that actual life in the USA is not easy and to live here you have to work hard. Her hopes for paradise became just bunch of unreal dreams. The husband is not that attentive and gentle as before. She does not see the point in the future and regrets about living Peru where everything was so understandable for her. That life was the life where she had some hope and struggling with difficulties made her much happier then sitting here doing nothing. That is the high time when she packs her baggage and goes to the airport leaving happy USA for depressive Peru. She is one of one hundred Peruvian women who decided to make this step that makes her closer back home to zone of comfort and the rest 99 would stay in the USA under the burden of marriage, children and other responsibilities that does not let to live her own life.

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