Why Hungarian women become more popular as brides among Americans?

Americans are tough guys and if because of emancipation there is hard chance to find proper woman who would be eager to become his wife among counterparts they are not waiting for long to use a chance to find the bride overseas. Destinations are versatile – from Europe to Asia and South America. Some condemn Americans for using such a strategy, attributing to them using morally unclean methods as money and promises of citizenship. But could we condemn American man for that? If money is universal way for gaining almost anything you want like certainty, stability, happiness etc why should they be shy of using such perfect opportunity to make oneselves and someone else happy? So what is bad in the thing that Americans are using their pros to find brides? Bride is something different than girlfriend or the girl for one night stand, if man is ready to find bride and get married he is mature enough to make such serious step. Moreover, he expects to bring woman from other country to the U.S. and gives himself a report she would not work at least for some time and he has to support them both and if they have kids he has to work for three! Now I would like to listen that smart butts who say it is so easy for American to find a woman abroad. Maybe it is easy to find, but marriage is something much more serious and it is not as easy as you might assume so I ask everyone to have some respect towards American men who are looking for brides overseas.

Why Europe? Why European women and why particularly Hungarian women? Well, some men like exotic types of women and are going far away to remote places to find them, but most of Americans still prefer European women for marriage and for dating by very simple fact – they are the most beautiful in the world and you can’t argue this fact. If you look at some pictures of Hungarian women you will see what I mean and what is it all about. Why exactly Hungarian? Of course, many Americans visit also Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus and other countries in search of wife but many prefer Hungary. The reason for this is different for every one. Some have Hungarian roots and would like to continue them. Some are jealous because their friend is dating Hungarian girl and she is damn hot. Some have seen pictures of pretty Hungarian girls on the Internet and can’t sleep well dreaming about woman from Hungary who would be close forever and who fits for this role better than Hungarian wife? Read also: Successful stories of Americans who married Hungarian girl

Is it only beauty that is key factor why Americans chose Hungarian women for brides? Of course, no. There are many other factors, for example, ability to be great housewife. Hungarian women are perfect in cooking and their husbands often are trying some tasty dishes of traditional cuisine and not only of Hungarian. Hungarian woman is good hostess and know how to keep the house and the household in order. She is also quite ambitious, but is ok with her position of housewife if husband earns enough for the whole family. Hungary is popular destination for Americans to search bride, because being secure European country with interesting culture and rich history it also is relatively cheap to other EU countries to leave and to stay in. However, don’t think women are cheap if you thought of some dirty meaning of this word. Hungary is great place for foreigner to stay and at the same time to spend time in search of suitable candidate for bride like visiting places, dating girls, finding out something new about the country.

One more aspect why Americans choose Hungary for search of brides is the language. Youth in Hungary speaks pretty descent English as many of them were learning it at school as the first foreign language and were practicing it a lot by traveling European Union. Many young Hungarians, including girls, have been working abroad, especially in the United Kingdom and that is why they just simply needed to speak English, although it is with British variant. If to compare Hungary with other Eastern European countries where brides are pretty as hell (as well) like Ukraine, Moldova, Russia or Belarus that girls in these countries speak NO English at all and girls in Hungary speak English at God level. Some might argue that Hungarians in general are pretty bad in terms of knowledge of English, but I would disagree, as comparatively to other similar countries they are just doing great.

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