Why Hungarian women are so demanding?

When you start sating Hungarian girl you will surely see how demanding she is and that all dating period is not easy at all and you need to learn a lot of new stuff about cultural differences.

Hungarian women are demanding because they are pretty and no matter how queer it sounds, they know their “price”. They know they are pretty and they would try to use this as their main trump. They are sincere about this and don’t even hide that. Of course, it is good to date pretty woman, but it is not always possible to find one so easily.

Is money and being rich is the only way to start dating Hungarian woman? No, but it is the easiest way, the other way is much more complicated because of difference in mentality and cultural environment of you and Hungarian girl. She was born and raised in Hungary and she expects you to treat her as local men got used to – this could be called gentleman behavior.

If you want to get to know more about Hungarian woman, you have to learn Hungarian, because to know her better you will have to communicate, you need live communication with Hungarian woman. By the way, Hungarian language is very hard to learn. You have to understand that Hungarian girl who speaks English or German is probably either abroad or has very high demands or both. By the way, even Hungarian girls who do not speak foreign languages also have high demands for men. If you are not in Hungary, but at your home country, you may try the fortune with finding Hungarian girl and try to approach her.

What did we mean by gentleman behavior? The attitude. The attitude of man Hungarian woman expects from men towards her. You will have to open door before her and letting her enter the restaurant first. You will have to pay for everything, including that restaurant and that would be expensive restaurant with food for gourmets or… just very expensive meals. You will have to give her presents, including expensive like new gadgets or jewelry. You don’t want to do it? Than someone else would, someone who is richer or more foolish than you are and that means you lost the battle and maybe Hungarian girl is not for you. Read also: Attitude of Hungarian girls towards men

Don’t forget about making compliments and bringing flowers to your Hungarian girl. Flowers are just expected for every date and not bringing them you make bad impression on yourself in her eyes.

You have to make good impression on Hungarian girl. Even if you are rich and you are foreigner. You have to look good, clean and neat. You have to use perfumes or cologne. You have to impress her by your position in the society, your occupation and why you came here to Hungary. It is better for you to be programmer, engineer or businessman. Of course, you are “apriori” attractive in her eyes by just being a foreigner, but if you came here as tourist she would not take you serious. You may succeed in dating (for the beginning) with Hungarian girl if you show her you have serious plans about the future with her. You will see than you have passed the first test when she asks you to visit the family and represent you to the parents and close friends. But all the above gentleman way of behavior is still needed. Are you ready for this? Remember: Hungarian women are demanding, very demanding… 🙂

One more important thing is your attention. You are expected to message her, call her and make likes in social networks, but without exaggeration, without false. You have to ask about her possible problems and achievements and be ready to listen to, attentively. In short, it means you have to be really interested in your Hungarian girlfriend and live her. You have to be ready to give more than you get. All the time. Always. However, if you get passionate sex with extra hot Hungarian woman everyday as the reward, who knows who gets here more? Read some information: Marriage with Hungarian woman pros and cons

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