Why foreigners get married to Russian women?

Many newspapers and websites roam the assertion that Western men dream about Russian brides. Let’s see how it really is. We have already touched on this subject many times, but this time we’d look from the other side. In the last couple of years, an increasing number of European men especially and American men as well and men from wealthy countries marry women from the Baltic States, Poland and Romania.

Nor man neither woman does not need a visa to travel for the sake of dating. Women often know good English, French or German and are mentality closer to the West. And there are no less beautiful women in those countries, than in Russia. By the way, not all these men seek for beauty only, but very often are focused on search of caring wife. She has to have many feminine qualities; one of them is to be kind-hearted. Americans in recent years, often marry women from South-East Asia. Today it is very often seen when the 65-year-old American, who married a woman from Taiwan after the death of his wife.

The point of view of Western men that existed earlier as Russian women are kind, caring, thrifty and they are good wives, was quickly changed because of those of Russian women, who went overseas not in search of family happiness, but for a better life in the new country of residence. Such women could not make anyone happy, neither men nor themselves. But the reputation of Russian women was thoroughly spoiled. Yet there is still high level of interest of Western men remains considering Russian women. It is possible to find your happiness on a dating site as well. Everyone believes that it is certainly something we’re lucky and, indeed, many people are very lucky. If two good people find each other, then they have no boundaries.

So what is it that distinguishes Russian women from the women of West? On the West women grow internally independent. They did not used to think that it is necessary for someone to adjust themselves to the detriment of their health or their beliefs. They clearly know their rights and know how to defend them. So to many men they may seem a little stiff and not charming. Women in the West are doing great at housekeeping, care for the children and husband, but at the same time they do not forget about their own needs and interests. To say it in Russian manner, they are well aware of their personal value. Woman in the West do not let the whole family to sit “on her neck”. Most Western men are not looking for housekeepers, as they like to argue opponents of marriages with foreigners. On the contrary, they are attracted by smart and educated Russian women. Smart man understands that clever woman would learn the language. And he will not be bored, because a good education of his possible Russian wife and her certain cultural level will give him the opportunity to be happy after coming back home after work. Beautiful and intelligent wife would wait for him at home.

Russian women know how to dress attractively and sexy. It attracts men’s views. It’s nice to have a wife who is attractive, charming and at the same time, loyal and caring. Many familiar foreigners note that Russian women are indispensable in difficult situations. As long as a man is thinking of how he could get out of what he was, his “Russian woman” immediately offer a way out. Not always this way out will be legitimate and Western law-abiding man rejects such proposal. But he knows that his wife is always with him in a difficult situation. It is admired by his friends, who do not have such wives. Russian women are growing up in Russian bad housing conditions and are able to find a way out of any situation. They are hardened with difficulties since childhood, unlike Western women, who grow in greenhouses, compared to Russian conditions.

Behavior of Western and Russian women in family conflicts may be different, as well. Russian wives are more likely to compromise and ladies of the West act based on their understanding of the situation. But let’s not generalize. Women of the West are able to compromise in such a way that it is sometimes hard to understand for Russians. It is very important for anyone to have the ability to see life as it is. And do not make super turbo tragedy of the problems we face up every day.

Focus on the family is one more important factor that attracts Western men in Russian women. Most women in the West are in no hurry to marry, to have children. They want to study, work, travel and marriage and family they leave for better times. Although, the family is the most important priority in their society as well. But there is no such immediate desire to marry the first comer, otherwise you would be called “old maid or a loser.” Of course, in Russian society as well had already grown up a generation of women who want to have a normal family, but only after they will become mistresses of their own destiny. But that’s a topic for another discussion. It should be noted that successful and intelligent aliens with serious intentions, often emphasize in their questionnaires that they are looking for “educated, held in life and focused on the family woman”. They are ready to take care of her and the child, if any. Therefore, making an ad for marriage, Russian women often specify only a common set of characteristics: kind, cheerful, practical, cook and accurate. It’s more quality profiles to recruit domestic workers. And they forgot to write about their intentions to have a stable family and indicate their hobbies and what they like to do except for the main profession. Often Russian women have skills, which could help to make money for the first time in foreign country, but they don’t write about them. Too many men pay attention to the availability of such skills. See ads of the male, what qualities they look for in their future fiancée. Read the article on the subject they are looking for foreigners.

It is important to remember that all advices are given on the websites, concerning issue of finding good wife in Russia are useful and good, but your case might have some peculiarities, not described anywhere before. Remember, that choosing wife, you are choosing a partner, who will support you the whole life.

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